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(Editor’s note: While we do believe positive change is possible on a local level through grass-roots campaigns and voter initiatives, until major systemic changes are forced into existence we have no reason to expect anything from presidential politics other than what we’ve been subjected to for the past few decades.)

By Robert J. Burrowes

As citizens of the USA with a presidential election approaching you have a wonderful opportunity to ponder whether to participate in this election or to participate in the ongoing American Revolution.

Your first revolution might have overthrown the authority of the British monarchy and aristocracy but the one in progress must remove the US elite which has executed a political coup against your government. And you cannot remove elite coupmakers in a fraudulently conducted election in which the ‘choice’ is essentially between two violently insane individuals, each of whom represents the violently insane US elite. See ‘The Global Elite is Insane

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Breaking: GOLAN HEIGHTS, SYRIA (8:05 A.M.) – Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army’s 90th Brigade, backed by Liwaa Muwahiddeen (Druze military) and Fouj Al-Joulan (Golani Regiment), launche…

Source: Breaking: Syrian Army Launches Offensive Against Israel In Golan Heights

Breaking: Syrian Army Launches Offensive Against Israel In Golan Heights


Breaking: GOLAN HEIGHTS, SYRIA (8:05 A.M.) – Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army’s 90th Brigade, backed by Liwaa Muwahiddeen (Druze military) and Fouj Al-Joulan (Golani Regiment), launched a surprise offensive in the Al-Quneitra Governorate, targeting the key hilltop of Tal Humiryah inside the Golan Heights.

Russia Bombs Israeli Supported Terrorist Base in Golan Heights []
Netanyahu Using UN To Deceive World: Admits Injured Israeli U.S. Proxy ISIS Terrorists []

The Syrian Armed Forces launched their assault on Tal Humiryah from the imperative town of Hader, which is located near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights region.

So far, no gains have been reported by the Syrian Armed Forces; however, intense clashes are still ongoing as the [U.S./Israeli Proxy] jihadist rebels from [U.S. McCain Front] Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front), [Another CIA/Mossad Moniker] Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham, and the [ Cia/Mossad Broiled Front] Free Syrian Army (FSA) attempt to keep control of Tal Humiryah [For Rothschild’s State Of Israel].

Ask yourself why there is no U.S. Israeli offensive against these so called mass murdering terrorists in The Golan Heights and why ole Netanyahu admits these so called terrorists into his State of Israel Hospitals when wounded. []

AMN []

Netanyahu has the audacity to sell Murdoch & Rothschild Syria’s Oil []

What could cause Russia to invade Israel:

At the time, Israel’s Prime Minister had flown to Washington, and was making a desperate bid to get Obama’s support for Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Only a few weeks earlier a discovery had been made that would serve to increase tensions on the question of sovereignty over the Golan – huge oil deposits were found on the Golan Heights, and verified by an Israeli company.

Yet, weeks later, Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel having failed to secure Obamas support.

It wasnt long before the United Nations – including Russia – condemned Israels “occupation” of the Golan Heights, and around the same time, Syria asked Russia to develop their oil resources.

Then, over the course of the next 6 months, the Israeli leadership became very concerned about Russian activity near the Golan.

1. EU doesn’t recognize Israeli occupation of the Golan [,7340,L-4793821,00.html]

2. UN Adopts Resolution Demanding Israel Return Populated Territory to Syria 2015 []

3. United Nations Security Council Resolution 497 Against Israel’s Illegal Occupation Of Syria’s Golan Heights. []
4. U.N. Declares Once More That Israel’s decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights is null and void and has no legal validity and/or effect whatsoever. []

Now, Debkafile reports the following:

“Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu will visit Moscow on Thursday, April 21 to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and to launch the most important battle of his political career, and one of Israel’s most decisive contests of the last 10 years: the battle over the future of the Golan Heights.



What to watch for in October:

China’s SDR Basket On October 1st. []

Hungary’s HuExit On October 2nd. []

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources and its sources in Moscow report exclusively that Israel’s top political leaders and military commanders were stunned and shocked last weekend when they found out that US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to support the return of the Golan to Syria.

The two presidents gave their top diplomats, Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the green light to include such a clause in a proposal being drafted at the Geneva conference on ending the Syrian civil war.

Israel captured the Golan from the Syrian army 49 years ago, during the Six-Day War in 1967 after the Syrian army invaded Israel.

In 1981, during the tenure of then Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Israel passed a law defining the Golan as a territory under Israeli sovereignty. However, it did not state that the area belongs to Israel.

[The U.N. does not recognize Israel controlling Syria’s Golan Heights ~ its a red herring]

While Israel was preparing for a diplomatic battle over the future of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, Obama and Putin decided to deal a diplomatic blow to Israel and Netanyahu’s government on an unexpected issue, the Golan.

[This has nothing to do with Obama]

This Is Rothschild’s Present Day Resurrection Plan To Control The Middle East Oil Hub. 

The Banking Cabal Uses A False Biblical Narrative Of A Promised Land That Needs To Be Returned To The Old Testament Jew. 

The Promised Land Was Fulfilled And Ceased To Be After 70 A.D.

Israel ~ Land Of Illusion. []

It is part of an endeavor by the two powers to use their diplomatic and military cooperation regarding Syria to impose agreements on neighboring countries, such as Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

[This is a ruse] Obama & Netanyahu both Rothschild Czars are joined at the hips ~ Israel Sends Ukraine Nazis Assault Weapons After Obama Sends Netanyahu $40 Billion For Military Armament. []

For example, Washington and Moscow are trying to impose an agreement regarding the granting of independence to Syrian Kurds, despite Ankara’s adamant opposition.

[Pure poppycock ~ Obama has setup Ankara as the CIA headquarters for ISIS aka  a Muslim Brotherhood moniker:,-giving-arms-and-money-to-azerbaijan

This occurred after the failed coup in Egypt to take over their government using the Muslim Brotherhood.  

Most of the remaining Muslim Brotherhood then migrated from Egypt  to Turkey. Egypt’s Grand Mufti Upholds Muslim Brotherhood’s Ex-President Morsi Death Sentence:]

The two presidents are also pressuring Riyadh and Amman to accept the continuation of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s rule, at least for the immediate future.

[Pure poppycock there is zero pressure from the west on this one ~ it was Russia that made it so.]

DEBKAfile’s sources report that just like the other diplomatic or military steps initiated by Obama and Putin in Syria, such as those for Assad’s eventual removal from power is factually, [pure fiction],-giving-arms-and-money-to-azerbaijan.]

The two powers see a resolution of the Golan issue as a gradual process that may take a long time, perhaps even years. 

But as far as they are concerned, Israel will have to withdraw from the Golan at the end of that process.

[Obama A Rothschild Czar would push for an Israeli withdrawal after his protege’ Rothschild Czar Netanyahu fraudulently sold oil rights to Rothschild and Murdoch of Fox News inside Syria’s Golan Heights? Pure Poppycock]

Stolen Oil For Israel

1. Turkey’s Erdogan Owes Syria $100Bn For Stolen Oil: Turkey & Israel Owes Iraq $1.5 Trillion For Stolen Kirkuk Oil. []

2. Israel U.S. Created ISIS For Absconding Oil-Rich Kirkuk & Basra From Iraq: Oil To Feed Turkey, Israel, & Jordan ~ Analyst []

3. Iraq Begins Pumping Oil Northward Into New Muslim Brotherhood Operations For Turkey & Jordan! []

It should be noted that Prime Minister Netanyahu is not traveling to Washington to discuss the Golan issue with Obama. 

The frequent trips by the prime minister, senior officials and top IDF brass to Moscow in recent months show where the winds are blowing in the Middle East.

However, Moscow is not Washington, and Israel has no lobby in the Russian capital defending its interests.

It should be made very clear that the frequent trips by senior Israeli officials to Moscow have not created an Israeli policy that can influence Putin or other senior members of the Russian leadership. 

Putin has made occasional concessions to Israel on matters of minimal strategic importance, but on diplomatic and military steps regarding Syria and Iran he has shown little consideration of Jerusalem’s stance.

It should also be noted that there has been no basis for the enthusiasm over the Russian intervention in Syria shown by Netanyahu, Israeli ministers and senior IDF officers.

All of the calls by a number of Russia experts, mainly those of DEBKAfile, for extreme caution in ties with Putin have fallen on deaf ears among the political leadership in Jerusalem and the IDF command in Tel Aviv.

1. Russian Warships Shut Down Israeli Air Force Access To Syria. []

2. Obama’s Deliberate Syrian Bloodbath Reveals The Depth Of Bad Faith In Derailing The Ceasefire 9/22/2016 []

Amid these developments, three regional actors are very pleased by Washington and Moscow’s agreement to demand Israeli withdrawal from the Golan: 

Syrian President Assad, the Iranian leadership in Tehran and Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

[Fiction when including Washington]

Now, they do not need to risk a military confrontation with Israel over the Golan because Obama and Putin have essentially agreed to do the dirty work for them.

Russia Intensifies Airstrikes Against Israeli U.S. Proxy Terrorists In Hama, Syria | SEP 24, 2016 BY VOLUBRJOTR

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian fighter jets carried out fresh combat sorties over [Israeli U.S. Proxy] militants’ positions in Northern Hama, leaving 20 anti-government fighters dead and several more wounded.

The Russian fighter jets, tipped off by intelligence agents, launched heavy airstrikes on an underground stronghold of Forsan al-Hagh Brigade near Ma’ardes, claiming lives of 20 militants.

Russia Caliber Missile Attack On 30 Israeli Intelligence Officers Killed in Aleppo, Syria:

Terrorist groups, for their part, shelled Hama military airport by Grad missiles.

Also on Friday, the Syrian air force launched an intensive air campaign and struck the terrorist groups in Northern Hama.

Syrian army aircraft targeted three main sites of the terrorist groups in Ma’ardes, Taybat al-Imam and Zour al-Tibeh, destroying four tanks, three machinegun-equipped and several armored vehicles of the [west’s proxy] militants.

Several members of the terrorist groups were also killed in the air assault with many more reported wounded.

Deir Ezzur, Syria – ISIS Offensives Repulsed By Syrian Army & Air Force In Deir Ezzur

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian Army troops, backed up by the country’s fighter jets, repelled [Israeli proxy army] ISIS unprecedentedly tough attacks on Deir Ezzur airbase and pushed them back from the battlefield under heavy fire and bombardments.

Obama’s Deliberate Syrian Bloodbath Reveals The Depth Of Bad Faith In Derailing The Ceasefire & Murder Of Innocent Lives:

ISIS terrorists launched large-scale attacks on government positions from al-Thardah mountain in the Southern countryside of Deir Ezzur towards airbase.

ISIS used several bomb-laden suicide cars and its missile units shelled government positions heavily, but the army troops managed to destroy the suicide cars before reaching their positions.

The Syrian army later called for aerial coverage, and the Syrian warplanes targeted ISIS’s positions and vehicles.

Syrian Army Kills Over 30+ Proxy Israeli Terrorists In Golan Heights: Russia To End Netanyahu’s Illegal Golan Colonization:

Scores of ISIS members were killed or wounded and their armored vehicles were destroyed in the failed attacks.

The Syrian fighter jet further bombed ISIS’s positions near al-Thardah mountain and the 137th regiment.

On Friday, Syrian warplanes bombed heavily ISIS’s sites in the Southern side of the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzur province, slowing down the [west’s proxy] terrorist group’s movements in the region.

The Syrian Army aircraft pounded ISIS’s bases near the village of al-Mura’yeh on the Western side of Deir Ezzur, grounding the terrorists in their strongholds.

Also, ISIS’s gatherings near al-Thardah mountain on the Southern side of Deir Ezzur were smashed by the Syrian jets.

Three tanks, seven machine gun-equipped vehicles and two armored vehicles of the ISIS were destroyed in the air raid.

Ill Omen for Syria: US Killed Truce Because Regime Change Is All It Cares About TEHRAN (FNA)- The “mistake” that was joint airstrikes that killed 60+ Syrian soldiers in Deir Ezzur on Saturday, Sept…

Source: Obama’s Deliberate Syrian Bloodbath Reveals The Depth Of Bad Faith In Derailing The Ceasefire & Murder Of Innocent Lives

Obama’s Deliberate Syrian Bloodbath Reveals The Depth Of Bad Faith In Derailing The Ceasefire & Murder Of Innocent Lives | SEP 22, 2016 | BY VOLUBRJOTR 

TEHRAN (FNA)- The “mistake” that was joint airstrikes that killed 60+ Syrian soldiers in Deir Ezzur on Saturday, September 17, has weakened the United States and Britain as military players, and as negotiators in Geneva in the future.

The deliberate bloodbath draws the lines more clearly and reveals the depth of their bad faith. 

They carried out the strikes to derail the ceasefire, help [CIA/Mossad] anti-democratic rebels and ISIL [ISIS] gain control of territory, and escalate efforts to provoke Syria and Russia – who were adhering to the truce.

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II []

Indeed, it questions the commitment of the United States and its rogues gallery to (now failed) ceasefire, as well as their refusal to break with “moderate” creatures, hence keeping the combat potential in fighting the legitimate government in Damascus. 

After all, regime change is all the criminal hordes care about, and after years of failing to do so, provoking Syria and Russia militarily is the phase they have obviously entered now.

Needless to say, the result will be more bloodletting and hostilities, and that is precisely what the War Department wants. 

Silly how some “pundits” had thought under the truce deal the American military would now suddenly start sharing intelligence with one of its biggest adversaries to jointly target ISIL [ISIS] and Nusra Front forces in Syria!

There’s a simple explanation for that. 

The real danger was not the ceasefire per se, or the US military working collaboratively with the Russian Air Force to defeat terrorist organizations operating in Syria.

The War Department violated the truce because it didn’t want to admit defeat and end the running war on Syria, much less strengthen the cessation of hostilities, support the political transition process outlined in UNSC 2254, assist Iranian-Syrian-Russian efforts to defeat Nusra and ISIL [ISIS], create a situation where they are all on the same team, involved in the same process, and working towards the same goal, including creation of better conditions for the political process and return of millions of refugees.

McCain’s U.S. Armed & Created Al-Nusra Rebels In Syria : Turn To Murdering Roman Catholic Priest Fr. François. []

Congressional Bill Introduced To Stop Obama Committing Our Troops In An Illegal War In Syria & CIA Collusion With ISIS []

On the contrary, the regime changers will have none of it. 

They still foolishly believe that the war on Syria can be won militarily; that they can regime change and splinter Syria- and Iraq – into multiple parts, install a puppet in Damascus, control gas pipeline corridors from Qatar to Europe via Syria, and inflict a humiliating defeat on Iran and Russia.

Israel Real Estate ~ Land Of Illusion:

Iraq Being Suicided By Rothschild’s IMF & J.P. Morgan:

Russia Caliber Missile Attack On 30 Israeli Intelligence Officers Killed in Aleppo, Syria:

So for the overextended and overexposed criminal hordes, any military or diplomatic cooperation with the anti-terror alliance of Iran, Syria, and Russia only impedes their colonial designs: 

More Middle East regime change with frightening results, including a high possibility to aerial confrontations with Russia over Syria.

In their position of moral bankruptcy and with no leg to stand on legally, this is what the War Department and its rogues gallery have been “admittedly” after since five years ago, on the pretext of noble efforts to “spread freedom” and “democratise” the disaster that is Syria – truce deals notwithstanding.

The hideous hypocrites are free to show up at the UN Security Council meetings to explain their “egregious” actions that ended the weeklong ceasefire. 

They can convey sheer arrogance and contempt for world opinion by showing a basic indifference to Syrian life and a willingness to kill more. 

They can even apologize to Damascus – the key participant in the (now failed) ceasefire – via Moscow for the loss of life.

Rothschild’s Windbags Of War []

However, they cannot change the fact that what they did, and are still doing, in Syria and elsewhere in the heartlands of the Muslim world is deliberately meant to help their made-in-the-USA Bin Laden clones capture more territory. 

This way, the “humanitarian” hordes can then “intervene”, “liberate”, and occupy the oil-rich Middle East – forever. Isn’t that obvious?

Amsterdam Digitals

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The Girl in the Little Black Dress

IMG_0152 2.JPGIMG_0130 2.JPGIMG_0131 2.JPGIMG_0132 2.JPGIMG_0149 2.JPGIMG_0146 2.JPGIMG_0156 2.JPGIMG_0145 2.JPGIMG_0142 2.JPGIMG_0133 2.JPGIMG_0128 2.JPGIMG_0138 2.JPGIMG_0150 2.JPGIMG_0137 2.JPGIMG_0127 2.JPGIMG_0129 2.JPGIMG_0140 2.JPGIMG_0154 2.JPGIMG_0157 2.JPGIMG_0148 2.JPGIMG_0147 2.JPG

Modern Contemporary Museum (MOCO), Amsterdam

IMG_0144 2.JPGIMG_0158 2.JPG

Tulip Market, Saturday

IMG_0139 2.JPGIMG_0151 2.JPG

Sunflowers outside the Van Gogh Museum

IMG_0134 2.JPGIMG_0153 2.JPG

All of the above are digital photos that I took from a weekend in Amsterdam, one of the most incredible, beautiful places I have been. I’ll post my film shots at a later date/time so stay around friends.

A new playlist is up on my Music Forum check it out if you’re into The Smiths (featured heavily this week bc I have reverted back into my 10th grade self apparently) and as always, feel free to comment music suggestions! I listen to everything you ppl recommend!

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XX, Natalie

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Desultory Heroics


By Paul Craig Roberts


When Ronald Reagan turned his back on the neoconservatives, fired them, and had some of them prosecuted, his administration was free of their evil influence, and President Reagan negotiated the end of the Cold War with Soviet President Gorbachev. The military/security complex, the CIA, and the neocons were very much against ending the Cold War as their budgets, power, and ideology were threatened by the prospect of peace between the two nuclear superpowers.

I know about this, because I was part of it. I helped Reagan create the economic base for bringing the threat of a new arms race to a failing Soviet economy in order to pressure the Soviets into agreement to end the Cold War, and I was appointed to a secret presidential committee with subpeona power over the CIA. The secret committee was authorized by President Reagan to evaluate the CIA’s…

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Desultory Heroics


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Obama needs to ensure he gets well compensated after leaving office for a job well done protecting, defending and further enriching the global oligarch class. This is precisely why he’s so adamant about passing the TPP during the upcoming lame duck session of Congress, when he knows “representatives” who no longer face reelection can be coerced or bribed into voting for this monumental public betrayal.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ins’t really a free trade deal, it’s a way for global oligarchs to consolidate, grow and protect their enormous wealth. The investor-state dispute settlement system (ISDS) is perhaps the most nefarious and objectionable aspect of the deal, with this shadowy court system being used to accomplish the following for the super rich and powerful:

1) Eliminate sovereign risk from their investments.

2) Earn money by scouring the world for potential ISDS “opportunities” and then speculating on them.

3) Escape prosecution from criminality on a global…

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