Irrational Exuberance

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Tom is off and
down Interstate
at six, to make it
to the plant at seven.

Jane clears the breakfast
dishes, ushering the kids
out to the bus stop, after
making sure they had their
backpacks and lunches,
just a Friday, like any other.

Hope is the last emotion we surrender-don't let go of it too easily.

Hope is the last emotion we surrender-don’t let go of it too easily.

As Jane finishes her own
second cup, at the quiet
table, she resolves the start
of her own workday, the
second job that keeps it
all from coming apart
at the seams.

There’s a sense of
quiet certainty, almost
feeling reality trembling
at her feet, tremors
replete with images of
terror from the morning
news, like ghosts that
hide in the corner of
her vision and evaporate
when she looks head on.

The dog barks at something
only he can see, as he sniffs
the air for that unseen nothing.

The neighbors still get
down with the Joneses
and everyone keeps
looking for a hint,
reading between the lines,
shredding each lead story,
praying for a hopeful day, and
perhaps just a little taste of
irrational exuberance.
Written by Ric Ohge



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