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The Old Queen Stares Out Across The Channel

The Old Queen Stares Out Across The Channel

Remembered victories
are like faded roses pressed
between one’s favorite pages,
savored again on brighter days
with freshened fervor, until
you turn away, close the book,
close your eyes to bring back
the color, the glory until
they’re legendary-not the shadow
of memory, petals as brittle as a
broken and forgotten promise.

The old Queen stares across the channel,
from a chalky precipice and considers
the coming century, having seen tall ships
give way to steel dreadnoughts, and the
decorous red coats to green uniforms,
muskets replaced by Gatling guns,
and tricorn plumes for washbowl tin.

The far-flung Empire remains mostly
secure-yet, it all feels a little tattered
along the edges, as eloquent cousins
speak elegant lies, ever eyeing the
maps like underfed orphans.

She remains, as ever, resolute,
always passionate about the civility
of a quiet conversation, shared with
over Ceylon Tea and Scones.

Her heart is guarded, considering whether
this coming century is one she wishes
to inhabit, to be found in, like a faded rose
pressed in the pages of history,
just a shadow of her glory,
brittle petals, merely Legendary.
Written by Ric Ohge


Author’s Comments

Queen Victoria is one of the most misunderstood Monarchs of the British Empire’s long and storied history. She saw much change in her years as Queen. This is set at the coming end of the 19th century. Europe is populated with cousins who engaged themselves in much intrigue. It was a time to ponder with all she had seen.


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