Posted: September 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

By R Andrew Ohge

Over your shoulder in the edge
of the mirror, walking beyond the
reflected images-back to the darkness,
like a suggestion left hanging
just beyond hearing, the shadow
fades as you turn full face, escaping
just beyond focus like a fading dream,
fading back into the darkness.

The Senator exhales a sigh, finishing
his Bourbon, adjusting his tie as he
checks his face in the mirror once more,
stepping out into the hotel hallway
where his handlers wait to hustle him
to an idling limo taking him away from
the light, the high noon glaring neon
into history, into the embracing darkness.

He wonders if he should feel more.
Usually, the buildings he deals with
are abandoned or are sitting empty.

He muses to himself the progress
must have a price after all, as he
tosses his ski mask and gloves aside,
reaches across the seat, picks up the
remote lying on the yellow envelope.

“ Time to earn my living.” he says to
no one, pressing the button, driving
away from the roaring roiling flame
blossoming in the rear-view mirror
calmly back into the darkness.

There are no faces to see here,
just the endlessly raging voices,
front side and behind, day and night.

The missionary looks blindly into the
white hot camera lights, as his captors
scream demands, waving knives and rifles.

He prays silently, holding his peace within
as he feels serrated pain erode and still
his tenuous grasp of what is here as he
slips through the darkness into light.


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