“THE REAL FACEBOOK BOMBSHELL” [Annotated & Analyzed By R Andrew Ohge]

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Appearing in many of our Email Boxes today was a link to this story which seems designed to “allay fears” about the upcoming change in Facebook’s “Privacy Policy” due to implement 01/01/2015, as if we were concerned it-not to mention other Social Media sites “bend over” for the FEDS.

We already knew that.

Read the Article, followed by my response/comment offered at the site.

I de-activated my Facebook Account and am attempting to fund the means for a growing group of us who find our Activism and Creative Efforts stifled by an ever more financed and technically able Social Media.

First, the article:

The Real Facebook “Bombshell”

Article Source: http://www.allnewspipeline.com/The_Real_Facebook_Bombshell.php

By Susan Duclos

We have heard quite a bit about Facebook changing their terms of service on January 1, 2015, claims, articles debunking those claims, and others taking an objective look at the 5 basic changes as well as those carefully detailing what those changes really mean for users.

The bottom line is the January 1, 2015 changes are not the “bombshell,” but the lawsuit that is going forward from their prior actions is the true bombshell.

With that said and before attempting to untangle the misinformation that has been shoved down our throats, lets point out that the majority of Facebook users are asked to agree to the terms of service before starting their account.

Do they even click over to those terms before checking the “I agree” or continuing the set up process after reading that by continuing you are automatically agreeing?

If so, they understand those terms, if not, they get what they deserve.

Ok…. now, the real “bombshell,” via RT on December 26, 2014: Facebook must face a class action lawsuit filed in California claiming the social networking site sifted through users’ private messages for targeted advertising purposes, violating both federal and state law.

At the bottom of the RT article we see that Facebook is not alone: In addition to Facebook, Yahoo! and Earthlink have faced similar lawsuits.

Google’s Gmail is currently appealing accusations that it violated the Wiretap Act as it scanned Gmail messages for targeted-ad purposes.

Now, on to the new “Terms and Policies Update,” via Facebook, we see what they claim those updates entail.

Follow that up with an objective article detailing the 5 changes, one of which is nothing more than merging the “Special Provisions Applicable to Social Plugins and Special Provisions Applicable to Developers/Operators of Applications and Websites” policies into one section and moving it to an external link….. cleaning up some clutter in other words.

The other four changes include a tweak to the payments policy, a change to display of promotion guidelines, a change in presentation of developer guidelines and the process for making future TOS changes has itself been amended.

Read more at BostInno.

Now, on to the claims that Facebook is now going to allow federal organizations to obtain users’ information?

Snopes [we ALL know what I think of SNOPES…AHEM.] addresses that whole issue, but the short answer is that federal agencies have been able to obtain that information pursuant to a search warrant….. nothing new.

[They don’t actually need to do that now-remember we’ve been “at war” since the “Patriot Act” was initiated and just re-upped by Obama along with a re-invented CISPA.]

Quite simply, while Facebook’s “Privacy Basics” update slated for January 1 2015 is a bit heavy with jargon and difficult to parse, no part of the announcement could reasonably be interpreted to convey an intent to disclose user data to the CIA, FBI, or NSA. 

Even indirectly, no portion of the quoted text hinted at cooperation with law enforcement or the use of geolocation or device data in the course of criminal (or other) investigations.


And even if Facebook intended to do such a thing (which is not supported by any evidence, anecdotal or actual), turning over data obtained in that manner to law enforcement would necessitate the prior issuance of a search warrant.

[Okay-not OFFICIALLY-but does our friendly Oligarchy Run Government Police State actually CARE? I think NOT!]

The bottom line is every year Internet organizations update their terms of service and it is the users choice and responsibility to read those updated terms and either agree or stop using that service…. it really is that simple.

[End of Article]

My Response:

I don’t believe it for a moment.

The ability to look at Your Computer and/or “Smart” Devices, their OS, Programs, Hardware, Files at will and without any need other than to enhance it’s ad and article display prerogatives is NOT discussed in this article-nor is WHY it’s a really BAD IDEA for any Media Company to have such a capability.

The issue above is little more than a “red herring” floated by SNOPES and a few Media inspired disinformation sources.

All of the Social Media has been shilling and “back-dooring” the Feds for years…most Activists, like me, “soldier on” and don’t give a s#@%, other than my nightly prayer to the NSA to back up my hard drive in case Windows crashes.

But ‘Zuck’ wanting to look at my PC AND everything in it for “Ad Service and Article Presentation Enhancement” is a lame crock of shite only Zuckerberg would attempt to justify, and exactly WHY I deactivated my account…period.

One should ask oneself the unasked question:


The answers are either patently absurd or just a tad bit sinister.

Which leaves the question, Susan…WHY does this article exist?


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