Listen To “IDK”, The Newest Release By Anna Graceman

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Ric A Ohge aka Rex Dexter Review of IDK, Anna Graceman’s Newest Release-Listen to the complete song on Spotify: 
Anna has always had a fine Blues edge to her songs and vocals. 
With this song she brings her entire sound to a whole new level, successfully blending her Bluesy side with Pop. 
Along with her familiarly power-house vocals, her Production has achieved her highest standard to date and includes a horn section, tight arrangement and a well-shredded guitar that kicks a#%! 
With the recent resurgence of Blues and R & B in the mainstream by acts like Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa, Anna will not only find her place in this genre, but may be creating a whole new one. 
Blues and Pop together may reach a wider audience than any other variation previously. 
Anna has always had the work ethic, has always played live wherever she could, and that dedication shows in this release. 
She’s one to watch, at just 14, a veteran performer, writer and musician, I expect that as great as this is, we can expect even more in the future. 
This isn’t a “good for a kid” act-she has a mature presence and confidence that belies all that. 
If you haven’t taken a serious listen, then the time has come.

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