3 Teens Discover The Reality Behind Fashion Spending Time In A Cambodian Sweatshop-With A Moving Video

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3 Fashion Savvy Teens Travel to Cambodia to Work in a Sweatshop – Their Reactions Are Moving (Video)

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Kevin Hayden

Many of us go about our day without ever giving even a whimsical thought to where our clothing comes from.

More often than not, and to a greater extent, we are concerned with staying abreast of fashion trends, style, or who’s name is on the tag.

Sweatshop WorkersBut what if you were faced with the harsh reality of our clothing industry face-to-face?

What if you spent a few weeks sleeping on the dirty floor of a cramped ghetto in order to work 14-hour days for a paltry $3.00 USD?

“Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion”, a Norwegian docu-reality show, sent three fashion-savvy youngsters to the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh in order to live the life of a textile factory worker.

At first, it seemed as though none of the young adults understood just how rough, or emotional, life was going to be as a factory worker.

Fashion blogger Anniken essentially dismissed the sweatshop workers’ plights, and with a laissez faire attitude, suggested they shouldn’t complain too much because they were “used to it.”Deadly Fashion

Before long, the entire trio – Frida, Ludvig and Anniken – were singing a different tune as they quickly discover that each person, no matter their role or position in life, has value.

Anniken declares that upon returning to Norway that it is their responsibility to change the industry and influence policy change.

“The series is a heartbreaking indictment of both clothing brands and the effect our daily economic decisions — like what blouse to buy, or which restaurant to eat at — can have on other human beings around the world.” – Danute Rasimaviciute

You can watch the entire series, with English subtitles, on the Norwegian After Posten website.

It will change your perspective of the fashion industry, and more than likely, move you to tears.


Cast: Jens Ludvig Hambro Dysand, Anniken Englund Jørgesen, Frida Ottesen
Foreign TV mini-series, 2014 – Subtitled



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