IMPORTANT-READ & SHARE: Jade Helm 15-A REAL Power Grid Take-Down Exercise Which May Be Already Running, Designed To Quell All Resistance

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Jade Helm 15 Is a False Flag Takedown of the Power Grid in Order to Quell All Resistance

Dave Hodges – Mar 23rd, 2015

In recent months, both North Korea and Iran have threatened to launch separate EMP attacks upon the United States.

Is such an attack likely?

Would a foreign entity dare to launch such an attack given the threats made by Iran and North Korea?

However, the emerging information does not suggest that North Korea or Iran will be the perpetrator.

They may get the blame for an upcoming false flag attack.

However, the real perpetrator are likely to be the forces connected to JH 15 and the drills are providing cover for such an event.  

If an attack was launched upon the power grid, what would be the effects?

These questions are the subject of this article.

An EMP Attack Is An Utterly Devastating Event

Short of a 3 mile-wide asteroid landing in the ocean, I cannot think of a more devastating event than an EMP attack.

If anything, the scenarios I present in this article are on the very conservative side.

I strongly concur with my Congressman, Trent Franks, that an EMP attack is the most devastating event that our country could ever face.

Congressman Franks represents a small group of Congressmen who have desperately been trying to attract attention to the possibility that a nation-wide EMP attack would prove more devastating than if a dozen of our cities were to be hit by a nuclear attack.

Our Power Grid Is Very Vulnerable

Our power grid is susceptible to hurricanes, flooding, lightening strikes and Corona Mass Ejections (CME).

The grid is also vulnerable to Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

Dr. John Casti, author of the book, X Events The Collapse of Everything states that EMP is only something that we have known about since the 1950’s when the United States detonated nuclear weapons in above-ground testing in the South Pacific.

When one sets off a nuclear weapon, a pulse is emitted which “short circuits” all electronics and permanently damages them.

In 2010, an executive summary from the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission, warned that an EMP would destroy the power grid, or at minimum, would seriously damage it.

The most malicious threat would be a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP).  

A HEMP attack would have a devastating impact on all the normal channels of government coordination and communication, including intelligence and data gathering assets, and nuclear forensics.

Indeed, with a  severe societal breakdown, the basic continuity of government agencies would be at risk.

Under such circumstances, it is judged unlikely that the source of a  HEMP attack, given even a minimal attempt to disguise it, would ever be known.

The Most Devastating Delivery Method of a HEMP

Most experts agree that the most effective delivery method for a nation-wide EMP, or HEMP attack would be the Club-K Container Missile System.  

In its advertised versions, it is designed for launching four or six cruise missiles; It could obviously be converted for a long-range ballistic missile.

A Scud-D ballistic missile would fit quite easily into this container as well.

These delivery devices would be readily available on the open market and a cargo ship could be rigged to launch such missiles.

The North Koreans certainly have the capability to carry out such an attack.

The Iranians might, depending on how much technological assistance they have received from Russia.

Again, these countries are not going to carry out this attack, the coming attack scenario is setting up to blame these countries as a pretext for war.

However, the real impetus for what is coming will be from inside the United States.

A Cross-Section of Effects of A HEMP

Nearly all of the commercial sector is not protected.

Most data backups of commercial systems are protected from just about every other threat, but not protected against EMP; and most data backups are located within the area likely to be affected by the EMP attack.

Computer systems and the information they contain are especially vulnerable.  

In the old Dark Angel television series used to say, in the first episode of the old Dark Angel television series, ” . . . the electromagnetic pulse turned all the one and zeros into plain old zeros . . .”

An EMP attack would literally send thousands of small and mid-sized businesses in the United States into bankruptcy in less than a millisecond.

Other than your printed statements, the banks would have no records of your ledger sheet.

You would lose all of your money in the bank.


Education records would be destroyed and only hard copies of transcripts would serve as the remnants of an extinct system.

If there is a silver-lining, at least Common Core would stop wreaking its havoc on American students before the damage was too widespread.


America would see catastrophic conditions immediately take place in our hospitals and convalescent centers.

Within a few days, old age homes would lack the resources and services of the staff to help preserve the lives of those who are virtually helpless.

Patients on the operating table would stand a good chance of not surviving. Hospital backup generating systems would be rendered unusable.

Food and water would become a scarce resource.

Many hospital personnel would walk off the job by the beginning of the second or third day.

The only medical personnel that would stay would be those that live too far away from home to walk.

People would not be able to get their life-sustaining medications and services, most of which are electrically powered.

Our worst fears would be realized.


In one of the most dramatic effects, airplanes would fall from the skies.

Untold thousands of people would immediately be plunged to their deaths.

And their deaths might be considered merciful compared to the fate that the majority of the rest of us would face over the next two years.

Most automobiles will not work unless they have all pre-electrical parts.

Even then how long would gasoline be available? Many people on the various subways, would be hopelessly trapped depending on the time that an electromagnetic pulse would be released.

And we can all be sure, that the release of an EMP, through false flag planning, would occur at the optimal time to ensure the maximum loss of life.

Schools and Children

One of the most tragic developments arising from an EMP attack with the fate of schoolchildren geographically isolated from their parents who have already commuted to work.

Reuniting parents and their children would be next to impossible for the majority of Americans who have a 30 minute commute or more to work (20 miles).

If you were a teacher, how long would you stay on the job and ignore the welfare of your family?Getting home and reuniting with family will be problematic.


Your cell phones, your land lines, text, twitter, emails and faxes will not work.

Nearly all broadcast stations, especially television stations, would go off the air.  

Due to the high level of computerized automation, the equipment in most radio and television studios would be so completely destroyed that most commercial stations would be damaged beyond repair.

According to a statement of Damon Penn, a DHS official, made to a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on July 8, 2011, a limited number of critical radio stations are being retrofitted with some EMP protection.  

However, most of us will be without the benefit of mass communication.  

Smoke signals anyone?

Somewhere between 250,000 to 500,000 people will die in the first few minutes.

Perhaps as many as 1-2 million would be dead within three days.

Water Borne Diseases: The Number One Long-Term Threat

The greatest threat to human survival, in the aftermath of HEMP, is the public’s availability to obtain clean drinking water.

This access would be greatly imperiled.

In 2010, when Haiti was hit by a major earthquake which killed over 200,000 people, the misery did not stop with the survivors.

Six weeks following the earthquake, Haiti announced its first cholera outbreak in over a century.

The cholera outbreak went on to claim 8000 more lives.

The disease thrives in places where there is insufficient water treatment, poor sanitation and inadequate hygiene.

This is what precisely would happen in most areas following an EMP attack.

Keeping drinking water clean and separate from human sewage and other contaminates would prove to be humanity’s biggest challenge.

Cholera would also prove to be the biggest threat to long term survival.

It is likely that in the 24 months following the event, that most people, who will die as a result of this event, would succumb to cholera and other water-borne diseases.

Cholera is a horrible disease which grants its victims a very painful and agonizing death. In the 20th century, human lifespan in United States increased by 35 years.

Thirty of those 35 years was due to improvements in sanitation.

Following an EMP attack, effective sanitation would all but disappear.

Access to Water

Human beings require approximately 2 Liters of water per day in order to survive.

If we do not get that water, we will die in approximately 5 days.

With regard to a HEMP attack, our water supplies are especially vulnerable.

The power to distribute water is highly concentrated within the United States.

Only eight municipalities provide 82% of the drinking water in the United States.

There are multiple technologies which are used to pump water from the source to its final destination.

Some require no electricity, however, most do.

And even if your water system was powered by non-electrical means, how would the personnel and staff, who monitors and maintains your water supply, get to work without proper transportation?

In all of Southern California, the water must make its way over mountains.

What will happen when all electricity is gone?

The resulting casualty rates stemming from civil disorder and death due to lack of water would be unimaginable.

In a time of a HEMP attack, the availability of water, as well as the safety of water would come into question for the vast majority of Americans.

The availability of clean water supplies would be the most critical threat and would claim the most victims.

These grim possibilities makes one wonder why T. Boone Pickens is buying up the Ogallala reservoir.

What does he know that the rest of us should know?


The food supply would be imperiled as well.

What do crops need to grow? With hydroelectric power gone, where would the water come from for many food-growing regions in the country? Our food supplies would dry up and disappear, thus exacerbating the threat.

Most people will perish within 30 days of famine, thus, making water shortages the greatest threat to survival.

Social Chaos

Survivors would undoubtedly form collectives to forcefully procure food and water. The levels of violence would be horrific.

Yet, I was unable to locate any government or academic documents which attempted to project how bad it will get.

It is safe to say that it will be a waste of time to call 911 and that every person would be under threat of attack 24/7/365.


Good News! A Nationwide EMP Attack Is Not Likely

It is not likely that our entire nation will be hit by an EMP attack.

First of all, the Chinese would never allow their proxy states (e.g. North Korea) or Russia’s proxy states (e.g. Iran) to launch a nationwide attack upon the grid because, for all intents and purposes, China owns a good portion of America’s assets and they are intent on realizing a profit from this ownership of our debt as evidenced by their domination of Inland Ports (e.g. Kansas City) and the newly created Solar Energy Zones (e.g. the Bundy Ranch Affair).

What is more likely is that the United States will be hit with localized EMP attacks, as needed, in order to subdue more difficult areas, and this will be accompanied by an assault upon most of the regional power plants in the United States but EMP weapons would not be employed.

The takedown of a power substation will eventually have the effect of an EMP attack without the devastating aftermath.

It is certainly an effective means for the authorities to eliminate all dissent and resistance and believe it or not, that possibility of part of the Jade Helm 15 drill.


Ex-Green Beret, John Moore and I have had several on-air conversations about how two eight-man Russian commando teams can take down a power grid, the size of the city of Metropolitan Phoenix which has a population of four million people.

How does John Moore know the Russians can perform this feat?

Because, we have the same capability.

Under such a scenario, the temporary takedown of the grid would be recoverable and that would keep the Chinese creditors happy, however, the devastation would be similar to an EMP attack in terms of social chaos and the destruction of the American culture.

I have learned that the Jade Helm 15 (JH 15)  drill is covertly practicing for the suspension of grid services to isolated communities who are hypothetically “resistant” to the takeover of the United States by foreign entities.

In other words, although a nation-wide attack upon the grid is not likely, isolated attacks are likely as will be the takedown of most of the power grids of the United States without the use of EMP weapons.

Further, it was announced that JH 15 would commence on July 15.

However, I received credible and multiple reports that JH 15 is already underway and there is a lot about this drill that is not publicly available but the details are beginning to surface through back channels.

A phone call to a  trusted source revealed that JH 15 is indeed underway and attacks upon the power grid are part of the drill.  

In the meantime, we need to put all eyes on JH 15 as it relates to the topic of this article.

However, there is a lot more that is beginning to surface about JH 15 that is equally devastating.

Meanwhile, what is one to do with regard to an attack upon the grid?

This will be the topic of a future article along with the JH 15 factor.

– See more at:


Two More States Added To Jade Helm 15 Exercises – Will Include ‘Surgical Strikes’ And ‘Extractions’

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die – Mar 23, 2015

With Jade Helm 15 having gone viral across the internet, US Army Special Operations Command is having to push back against ‘alarmists claims’ that we’re actually witnessing ‘martial law-style’ drills according to Stars and Stripes while 2 more states, Florida and Mississippi, have added exercises to their states that will include ‘surgical strikes’ and ‘extractions’ according to a news conference addressing Jade Helm 15 included in the 1st video below for you to hear for yourself.

Interestingly enough, the US military is unable to view websites reporting on Jade Helm 15 due to their sophisticated firewall which prevents them from accessing ‘truth’ websites.

From the Stars and Stripes story:

Officials at USASOCM were not able to immediately verify the authenticity of the (Jade Helm 15) slide show because their computer firewalls prevented them from accessing the websites where the document appeared.

When Jade Helm 15 originally broke on the internet, government trolls and the uninformed immediate pounced all over the comment sections of websites reporting the story, calling it false, made-up, fiction, and videographer Lorri Anderson addresses the trolls in the video below, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Jade Helm 15 exercises are ‘real’ via the words of Jade Helm Operations Planner Thomas Meade who tells us himself that additional operations will be held in Florida and Mississippi in addition to the other 7 states previously reported.

You can also listen to the entire news conference here in addition to the video below.

Many questions surround Jade Helm 15 such as, why would Texas be listed as ‘hostile’?

One answer for that being only 2 years ago, over 125,000 people petitioned the White House requesting that Texas be allowed to peacefully secede from the US, a petition that was unsuccessful.

Why are these exercises only being held at night?

According to a trusted ANP source, when such exercises lose the element of surprise, they must be modified or scrapped all together.

With nuclear war potentially in our immediate future, why is there no preparation for that while the stealthy focus of the Obama administration is on American gun owners with NO RAIDS upon KNOWN terrorist training camps in the US?

With Christians now being targetted for slaughter worldwide, why is there no outcry from either the White House nor this same military against that targetted slaughter?

While the question ‘what is mastering the human domain’ has continually popped up, one look at this document from the US Army War College’s ‘Civilian Research Project’ answers many questions; you can see the document in its’ entirety embedded below video.

Directly from page 16 of the document:

As LTG Keith Walker notes, “the rising velocity of human interaction through the internet and social media makes influencing human behavior the centerpiece of military strategy.”

He further opines that, “the human is absent in our current doctrine, period. We don’t talk about it.”

And questions, “do we have a gap in our strategic thinking?”

Comments like these from LTG Walker are welcoming for rethinking Army capabilities and is often a catalyst for change.

General Robert W. Cone, the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command commented, “The central figure of the last 10 years of war is the importance of the human domain.

We paid to learn the language, culture, tribes and fidelity in terms of network targeting… we must put in place structural imperatives so that we learn those lessons and add them to our doctrine.”

After a brief 2 minute 40 second introduction which includes words of warning and wisdom from former US President Ronald Reagan, the meat of this video begins and shifts to the recorded news conference about Jade Helm 15 beginning at the 12 minute mark that continues for the next 15 minutes.

This includes news of Jade Helm 15 drills in Florida and Mississippi as well as news on ‘surgical strikes and extractions’.

While there is a slight echo heard during the news conference portion in this video, you can hear the entire press conference here without that minor distraction.

Published on Mar 22, 2015

Operation “JADE HELM 15” Mastering the Human Domain is a REAL SOC drill that is planned for the following states: Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas from the dates of July 15 – Sept. 15, 2015.

Operation Jade Helm 15:…

OPERATION JADE HELM: Mr. Thomas Mead JADE HELM Operations Planner/MSEL speaking with county commissioners.…

Howard County Commissioners’ Court Agenda 3-9-15…


Brazos County, Bryan Texas Notice of meeting and agenda.…

Standard-Times West Texas Briefs 11.2/2014…

WTAW 1620 Green Berets are Coming to Aggieland.… “Military Exercises to Be Held in County”…

Goliad County Texas: County Commissioners…

Unconventional Warfare US Army Manual:…
US Army Special Forces (Green Berets)…


US Air Force Special Operations Command

USMC Marine Special Operations Command

USMC Expeditionary Units…

82nd Airborne Division…

Pete Santilli Covering Operation Jade Helm 15:……

Resurrect The Republic Radio: Under Attack and their response.…

Crossing the Rubicon:…






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