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Top Scientists Issue HUGE ALERT: Everything In Place To Open Gates of Hell This Year-2015.
This Is Insane and Outright Dangerous – What On Earth Are They Attempting To Do? 

By Lyn Leahz – Mar 16, 2015 

Is there something ‘more’ to this than meets the eye?

It appears that way!

CERN IS ABOUT TO GET DANGEROUS and this year, all hell could literally break loose! In the event it does, what will we do?

This stuff is pure evil, and pure dangerous!

In the graphs, developed in detail in the different posts of this web, we show the 3 distinctive Life extinction events that the Large Hadron Collider can cause, once it is put on line at double potency in 2015, over the 10 Tev barrier of dark matter – the theoretical minimal energy of formation of a ‘bag of strangelets’ and ‘micro-black holes’.

– Creation of baby black holes that do not evaporate, either as top quark condensates (Einstein’s famous frozen stars) or string stars with higher dimensionality.

– Creation of strangelets, lumps of strange quarks shown to be very common in the Universe, as all pulsars seems to be frozen, strange stars. 

Both type of ‘frozen stars’ will be made at CERN between 2015 and 2020 on collisions over 10 Tev.

– Finally the magnetic field of the LHC, the strongest on planet Earth, which cause disturbances on the Earth’s magnetic field, cause of Earthquakes that have increased till record numbers, similar to those of II World War during the carpet bombing of the pacific seismic ‘ring of fire’, since the machine was put on line.

Any of those 3 scenarios should have deterred CERN and its financial backers.

Those 3 fundamental threats of massive damage to Earth should follow the Totalitarian principle of Physics in which the certainty of the Laws of Nature is based: ‘Everything not forbidden is compulsory’ – meaning that everything that might happen MUST happen. —Thirteenth Monkey
Do you have any idea what they are planning to do?
This isn’t even half of it!

In the fall of 2015 CERN will begin colliding groups of 70 million lead hadrons at 287 tev, unpacking millions of quarks in each collision.

Those quarks will be first accelerated at light speed, acquiring relativistic mass, becoming heavier strange quarks, the substance of a strange quark-gluon soup called a ‘strangelet‘.

The strange liquid has the potential to become stable and start an ‘ice-9′ big-bang reaction.

If that happens that effectively transforms the Earth into a pulsar.

While CERN adamantly denies to the public and the press that production of Strangelets is possible, it runs a program called CASTOR for Centaruro And STrangelets Object Research, whose researchers affirm in their inner reports to the company the ‘likely’ probability of creating them. 

This is in accordance to the most advanced literature on the subject, but of course, it must be hiddento the public and the naive press…

2) In 2015, when it ramps up to 7 Tev, it will cross the 10 Tev barrier in its collisions.  

Not enough for you?

Check this out:

A collider is the basic tool of particle physics.

You take a stream of particles, accelerate them to really high kinetic energy levels, and slam them into a target.

Depending on the experiment, all sorts of exotic things happen.

Most experiments are to create new particles predicted by theory or to examine their behavior.

The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, has two beams traveling in opposite directions around the 27 km circle, each accelerated to 7 TeV (trillion electron volts) of energy and traveling at 99.999999% of the speed of light, held in place by powerful magnets.

All around the ring are different experiment stations.

To perform an experiment, you turn on the experimental detector and use the magnets to collide the beams into each other head-on inside your detector, creating 600 million 14 TeV collisions per second.

That’s a pretty high energy level, and we expect to learn all sorts of new and exotic things about the universe. Most famously, we hope to find the theorized Higgs boson, the particle that creates mass; but the collider’s various experiments will produce knowledge that will permeate virtually every science we have. 

Particle collisions from the LHC will create tiny black holes.

Black holes have such intense gravity that they consume everything around them, even light.

And so, within a fraction of a second, this tiny black hole will consume the collider itself, France, Switzerland, and then the entire Earth, presumably followed shortly thereafter by our whole solar system.

Clearly not a fear to be taken lightly.

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Top scientists are voicing major concerns!

Are you concerned?


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