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A Day In gaza-attack-640a_02943f680cf6dfdb2b4e0c0dcdd7dfd2


By R Andrew Ohge aka Rex Dexter May 30, 2015


Nasir pulls back the tattered blanket that serves as a door,

since the old wooden one was blown into the house when

Ahmed’s place was pulverized by an IDF strike last month.


The blast-driven splinters sent Hareem

to languish in a make-shift infirmary, andFeatured image

their infant daughter to join a few hundred others

in a growing gravesite at the edge of the town.


With “Little Nasir” in tow, his stoic but sturdy 12 year old

first-born, Nasir sets out on their daily journey

to pray at the crumbling Mosque, then to gather up water

and a few meager provisions for their day.


Featured image

But he finds the Mosque has been reduced to

a few standing walls amid piles of dust, tiles

and debris being feverishly dug through by

determined men and weeping women, as others

gather wailing in anguish and anger around a man holding

up the shattered remains of a small pitiful infant girl as

broken as the remains of this once peaceful place.


He sends “Little Nasir” ahead to gather their provisions,

lending a hand to the efforts to find survivors in the

wreckage-finding nothing but rubble, dust and blood.


As his son returns with their scant provisions,

Nasir sets off to his home-only to find an empty

doorway standing before a field of dust and debris-

dust that hazes the weary sun each day…dust-

that buries the hopes and dreams of a shattered

people…dust-all that remains of Nasir’s life

as he kneels down, holding his son,

and begins to weep softly.


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