Now Available: .NEWS Domains For Alt. News Sites-FREE Listing at the Search Engine

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Mike Adams – Jul 17, 2015

If you ever wanted to run your own news site, blog site or public opinion web page, your opportunity has now arrived. 

A valuable new top-level domain has just been announced this week called “.NEWS”. 

It’s a new alternative to .com, .net, .org and other top-level domains, and it makes instant sense to everyone. A “.news” domain name, everybody knows, means it’s covering the news about that topic!

Now you can register and own new domains such as, or — or whatever else you can think of. 

To grab your own .news domain name, just visit your favorite registry like and purchase the domain.

Once you own the domain, you can launch your own blog or news site, covering the topics that interest you most. Welcome to the online independent media revolution!

Submit your .NEWS site to to achieve top 10 rankings

Once you get your .news site up and running, submit it at where it will be crawled, indexed and promoted via the public search results.

Good Gopher is the world’s first search engine that filters out mainstream media sites, giving preference to independent authors, bloggers, journalists and newsmakers. 

While your site wouldn’t have any real chance of appearing in Google’s search results, it can quite easily achieve top 10 rankings on for your most relevant search terms.

Good Gopher treats your independent website with a fair and honest ranking algorithm that’s applied to ALL sites. 

If you create relevant content, your site can easily appear in the top 10 search results for the topics you cover the most. In other words, Good Gopher can help you jumpstart your new website!

See these live Good Gopher search examples:

Click here to search Good Gopher for “cancer cures” (these results are all suppressed on other search engines)

Click here to search Good Gopher for “gold coins”

Click here to search Good Gopher on “Monsanto”

Your own website could appear in these top search results!

Good Gopher is right now crawling thousands of newly-submitted websites, indexing millions of new pages. 

Your own website can be included in this index and automatically promoted in our search results!

To accomplish this, just submit your site at and give us a few days to categorize your site. 

Once categorized, it will be crawled, indexed and served up in the search results to the public.

How do you get your site into the top search results? Just create great content that focuses on the topics you care about. 

Good Gopher automatically indexes and ranks content based on a democratic, universal algorithm that gives all sites equal footing. Better yet, mainstream media propaganda websites are banned from our regular search results, so their content doesn’t pollute the search results and displace independent news sites (the only sites telling the truth anymore).

New .NEWS top-level domain could be the most valuable domain on the web

The public availability of the .news top-level domain is really exciting. 

I think that one day .news domains could be perceived as even more credible and valuable than .com domains. 

Besides, a lot of “news” sites are excessively long, such as “”. Why not just have “” instead? (The .com is now obsolete for news sites.)

Besides, all the good .com domains were taken years ago. 

Even if you can find a decent .com domain available today, it might cost you tens of thousands of dollars to acquire. 

But because .NEWS is brand new, you can still grab really good .news domain names right now, including single-word names like Natural.News (yes, we registered that on day one).

This means the .news domain is a fantastic opportunity for the “little guy” to get in on some new domain name real estate. 

Today, you can buy these .news domain names for as little as $17, while in a year or so those same domains could be worth literally thousands of dollars each.

I’m not suggesting you trade domains as a speculator, by the way. I’d much prefer you register and use a good domain name to participate in the online conversation about the topics you care about. 

Do you love poodles? 

Start a poodle news blog! 

Do you love video games? 

Write about them on your own website such as VideoGames.News (or whatever is available). 

You can use these .news domains to cover movies, pop culture, history, current events, medical news and much more.

Now, thanks to Good Gopher, you can get your new startup website indexed, listed and publicized for free! Join the debate on natural medicine, cancer prevention, water fluoridation, geoengineering, military drones or other topics! 

Many registrars like GoDaddy even offer super affordable, low-cost hosting and website creation for just a few dollars a month. 

WordPress hosting companies like also specialize in hosting WordPress news and blog sites at very affordable monthly rates.

If you’ve ever wanted to join the world of online publishing, the .NEWS domains now puts that dream within easy reach.

So pick a topic, grab a domain name, launch a site and submit it to Good Gopher. And welcome to the world of independent media, where free thinking is encouraged, not condemned!

Submit your site now (or search the news) at

Learn more:


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