Tell Your Representatives: “NO-Malaysian Mass Graves For Trafficked Women Do Not Get A Pass For The TPP!”

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Selling Us Out, Shocking Truth, Speaking Up-Speaking Out

7/30-8/5 Events

Today, Monday, July 27th, the State Department released its Trafficking in Persons report, revealing it is upgrading Malaysia — a cynical ploy to circumvent legislation that bars Fast Tracking of trade deals with worst of the worst human trafficking nations in order to allow TPP — a deal that includes Malaysia — to be Fast Tracked! 

The upgrade comes just two months after the discovery of human trafficking camps and mass graves of trafficked persons in Malaysia. Human rights groups are outraged!

Read about the report release at

Learn more about this issue at

Write to Congress to express your outrage at

And join us for these critical events!

Thurs, 7/30: TradeJustice Meeting: No Human Trafficking Coverup for TPP! Hold Reps Accountable for Fast Track Votes! Save the Ed Show!

Fri, 7/31Event Horizons Radio: TPP Update: State Department Betrays Human Trafficking Victims to Push TPP! What Can we Do?

Sun, 8/2NationalTPP Conference Call: Malaysia, Human Trafficking, and The Obama Administration’s Betrayal of Human Rights to Push TPP

Tues, 8/4Rally and Press Conference: No Human Trafficking Coverup for TPP

Wed, 8/5NationalTPP Resistance Call

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Stop the TPP and Human Trafficking

Write Your Members of Congress to Oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

To qualify for Fast Track, the TPP must meet a basic standard that partner countries not be home to modern-day slavery. It is widely suspected that this is the reason the State Department has decided to baselessly upgrade TPP-partner Malaysia’s human trafficking status.

This is a shockingly callous move that prioritizes the economic advancement of corporate interests over human lives and basic human dignity.

Using the State Department’s report as a political ploy to advance the TPP is an unthinkable blow to the integrity of the United States and our ability to fight human rights abuses around the world.

Urge Your Members of Congress to Reject a TPP with Human Rights Violator Malaysia


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