Facebook Censors Feminist Author Due to “Profane” Book Title-Michael Krieger | Aug 26, 2015

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Michael Krieger | Aug 26, 2015

Apparently, Facebook users are such delicate, helpless little snowflakes they are unable to discern what is profane and what is not profane without the unrequested aid of Big Brother Zuckerberg.

The Independent reports:

Facebook has reportedly refused to publicize a post for a feminist author’s conference discussing her influential book because of its “profane” title.

Anne Summers wrote on her personal Facebook account the social media behemoth had “denied permission” to boost a post promoting a conference discussing her 1975 book Damned Whores and God’s Police.

The book explored the persistence of Australian settlers’ stereotypes that separated women into convicted “whores” or carefully guarded “respectable” females.

Ms Summers claims she attempted to boost the original post on Monday, but Facebook reportedly responded by saying: “We don’t allow ads that use profanity. Such language can offend viewers and doesn’t reflect the product being advertised.”

Facebook has been contacted for comment.


According to a Google+ Friend’s Posting, THIS Seems To Be A-OK On Facebook:

Before It’s News

Shared publicly  –  Aug 10, 2014

Facebook slapped with $123 million revenge-porn lawsuit http://b4in.org/d72C

For months, Facebook hosted a revenge-porn page dedicated to humiliating one Texas woman with Photoshopped clips of her face pasted onto porn shots, a US woman from Texas is claiming.

That woman, Meryem Ali, is now suing Facebook for $123 million (£73.11 million), which works out to 10 cents for each of the company’s 1.23 billion users.

Her suit, filed on 27 July in Harris County, Texas, names both Facebook and an ex-friend, Adeel Shah Khan, of Illinois, as defendants.
According to Ali, Khan was a friend about 5 years ago.

For “his own perverted pleasure”, he allegedly decided to start up a custom-tailored version of the standard, garden-variety revenge-porn site, which targets just about anybody it can get its sweaty little paws on.

The page in question was an “imposter” Facebook page taken out specifically in Ali’s name, the suit alleges.

Khan allegedly proceeded to send Friend invites to Ali’s family and friends from the trumped-up porn page.

What those friends and family found when they clicked: Ali’s face, cut-and-pasted onto photos of naked bodies, along with at least one that purportedly depicted her in the middle of having sex.

They alerted Ali in December 2013.

According to her suit, Ali, her friends and her family spent the next few months peppering Facebook with requests to take it down, per Facebook procedure, with no luck.

Facebook only responded after Houston police came knocking, subpoena in hand, as they tried to find the identity of the person behind the trumped-up porn

I’m hoping that the case will at least draw attention to a report abuse button that seems to have gotten its wires snipped.

More http://b4in.org/d72C

I Guess “Inappropriate” Is All In The Perception…AHEM.


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