Into Life 

[Photo Art By Terry Alvarez*]


The winter is faltering,
graying around the edges,
dragging his heels like a
man walking that green mile.
But that green dream
seems but a distant rumor,
while the season remains
like a stubborn boxer.
hugging the ropes and
refusing to go down.
Gray breeze-gray light…
the day, climbing the walls
like a spring creeper,
pulling the light down
into the moistening earth
to rest, silent, until the sun
comes to call it up once more,
just a lost promise, as so
suddenly remembered.
The windows of the shops
are closing tired eyes, up and
down the dusky streets.
And as the lights blaze on,
January whimpers softly, weeping
drops from the eaves above, as he
reluctantly finds his way to a place
where Spring lies sleeping.
He will plant an icy kiss
upon her still lips, raising her
one more time into life.
By Ric A Ohge aka Rex Dexter
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*See More Of Terry’s Art At:

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