American Freedom Proved Through TSA

Posted: August 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

The TSA stopping…hmmmmm…NO terrorists EVER!

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Yeah yeah, another article on how ‘Free American people are’ I was asked to do this article in a 3 way Skype earlier today by 2 American friends who are scared to do so. One has a FULL SEARCH a few weeks ago, when I say full search I mean, they got the gel out. The person asked to file a complaint only to discover they would have missed their 2 hours flight had the complained as the form was so long. So, for all you Americans waking up, wanting to be angry, and the Americans who refuse to see it for whatever reason

HERE IS WHAT FREEDOM DOES NOT LOOK LIKE, I say #PoliceStateUSA always, I do this to awaken friends and help them tell friends. If you think the USA is free think again. I research hard and I have a few times sat…

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