Apocalyptic Conflict in 2016? | Akira

Posted: December 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Fourth Revolutionary War

We have hit a series of critical inflection points in the Syrian conflict with recent events.

The most important is that Erdogan has now unmasked himself as a deep supporter of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Frankly there is no other explanation of why he would risk an open conflict with Russia in their defense. It was one thing to brazenly support terrorist proxies when there were no consequences, but to risk the whole economic relationship with Russia and quite possibly a real war?

Evidence pointing in this direction has been accumulating for some time. The Turkish intelligence service (the MIT) has had its fingerprints all over the post-Arab Spring Jihads, and not just in Syria. What we are dealing with is an out if control neo-ottoman/Islamist personality cult that has now brazenly adopted the Pakistani policy of deep state support for the salafist Jihad. I don’t like tinfoil hats…

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