Traditional Medicine Is Failing Our Society

Posted: January 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Traci's Ramblings

This Blog post, BETTER HEALTH THROUGH BETTER DOCTORING by Jonathan Colter, is an informative, easy to understand, explanation of the difference between Functional Medicine and Traditional Medicine. I’ve always had the opinion that “Whole” or “Natural” Medicine was a scam used to sell vitamins and supplements. Until… I had to get involved with my Mother’s health care!

I found myself getting more and more frustrated and bewildered with every doctor we dealt with. I have been fortunate to just have basic personal experiencewith our Healthcare System. I naively looked at doctors as really smart, educated and medically specialized Problem Solvers. Iwas also taughtthe only way to really solve a problem is to find out whatthe cause is. So, naturally that’s what Doctor’s do, right? Well, no, come to find out, Traditional Medicine finds my understanding really humorous, (Ok, maybe annoying is more accurate.) because it prefers to do quick, stop-gap…

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