David Duchovny – Gillian Anderson – Mitch Pileggi As Skinner

Guest Star: Joel McHale As Ted O’Malley

First Of Six Planned & Produced By Chris Carter For Fox Television

Watch On Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/watch/896936

By R Andrew Ohge aka Rex Dexter

Forget everything revealed by all the original episodes-if there’s a conspiracy that involves anything alien, it’s being used by an ever greedy ‘Military Industrial Complex’ to cull, suppress and enslave us with the complicit cooperation of the Government[s].

Knowing that Fox is overseen by Pissant Oligarch, Rupert Murdoch, I see this all going some unsurprising directions.

Since , even in this widely scattered opener, we are exposed to many of the NWO and False-Flag Freedom Exchanged For Security’ theories most of us have been posting for many of the years since the original series went off the air in 2002.

It’s important to note the Fan-base has been strengthening since then. Fox is responding with this six episode miniseries[at least only six so far].


If Sculley and Mulder via Chris Carter and staff really DO start uncovering FACTS, I don’t see the series living beyond six-if it even makes it there. 

If Murdoch wouldn’t allow the NFC Championship online when it was locally broadcast for free-over money and control issues, allowing X-Files such free reign would literally cutting off his own nose to spite his face.


Murdoch intends to use the X-Files to “immunize” the audience from much of what the Alternative Web espouses, reveals and discloses-making the “Captive Audience” familiar with the data, faces and nomenclature, but in a way that leans toward subtly derisive and denigrating in its presentation.

One can note the rise of Pro-Law Enforcement programming like the CSI Series, Blue Bloods, Quantico, Criminal Minds, etc to see this at work in a nation that experienced thousands of unjustified murders by cops and supporting the highest concentration per capita of prisoners in the world.


This will be Rupert Murdoch’s “Come-To-Jesus” moment-where he lays aside all of his Oligarch ways and leads all toward the light of a brighter better planet.

And I have a bridge in NYC for sale.

Watch the show, enjoy seeing Sculley and Mulder doing their thing again, but weigh the story lines with a grain of Organic Sea Salt.



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