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Natalie Breuer

IMG_1103.JPGIMG_1157.JPGIMG_1158.JPGIMG_1191.JPGIMG_1177.JPGIMG_1176.JPGIMG_1175.JPGIMG_1195.JPGIMG_1164.JPGIMG_1186 (1).jpgIMG_1166.JPGIMG_1193.JPGIMG_1205.JPGIMG_1212.JPGIMG_1154.JPGIMG_1180.JPGIMG_1181.JPGIMG_1202.JPGIMG_1174.JPGIMG_1189.JPGIMG_1170 (1).jpgIMG_1163.JPGIMG_1162.JPGIMG_1214.JPGIMG_1179.JPGIMG_1217.JPGIMG_1185.JPGIMG_1167.JPGIMG_1219.JPGIMG_1178.JPG

The following 6 photos: a series of art feat. my reflection


Featuring * Black Crossbody ~ Marc Jacobs (Farfetch) and Gold Bangles ~ Chloé (Farfetch)

Dear Reader,

I realized some while ago that everything’s been feeling pretty static between work and school and midterms, so yesterday I decided to break from my routine and visit the Guggenheim which I’ve been meaning to do for a couple months now. I had a meeting on the Upper East Side at the cutest little café called The Bluestone Collective (about some very exciting things coming up for this blog stay tuned) which is conveniently just down the street from the museum. I seriously had the loveliest afternoon just strolling through the galleries. There’s this new exhibit which combines photography and poetry which I loved so so much I think the guards were getting angry at me for taking so many photos.

Anyways, I’d just like to remind you of how important…

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