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Natalie Breuer

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Here have some pictures of my bedroom wall which I transferred from college and spent a lot of time re-taping, also featuring my Nan Goldin obsession.

Below: photos from The Whitney, David Zwirner Gallery, my last month in the city, and little excerpts of my writing


February 29, 2016: December ended early but the winter dragged on.


April 22, 2016: I hurled my focus into the world around me in it’s entirety. Every day, I handed $2.25 exact change to the newsstand attendant on University and 9th for a New York Times. I read about the carbon dioxide accumulating in the ozone and the ever-dissolving glaciers nine thousand miles south and the stubbornness of war two oceans away. But ultimately, reading about everything going wrong, no matter how far away, just made me feel inadequate, so I stopped and read books instead.


April 23, 2016: For quite some time, I found a dull comfort in always…

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