Past life — thefeatheredsleep

Posted: May 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Past life

We found an old coin and some clay pipes

mashed in the earth that smelt of past lives

We wrapped ourselves in fat corn husks and wild thyme, called in wind from four directions

I thought I heard a pipe urging people from the ground

Take form, wear the faces of man and woman, stand here, surge in discover

We found a silver knife, glowing in clear water

Hiding among wild mint and sage, the beasts vowed their reddening fur against setting sun

We formed maidens from turquoise of green and blue with mountain slivers cutting like veins

I thought the ache, a sound like creaking rope slapping wood in sea, would ring like bells under water

Take everything,  past and in future, add the tongue of roots, wriggling in soulful ode like licorice newborns

Redeemed from burning sand, she walked into swallowing land and turned it, quick silver, still in endless space

Leaving just one print, timorous, indent in sulphorous peat, and this became the portal for life, crowing with birth, wriggling free

in duplicate

we have been here before

we shall again

repeat our step

via Past life — thefeatheredsleep


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