Hell Yeah. I’m Bitter.

Posted: June 24, 2016 in Uncategorized


The latest craze with the Clinton-Clan is to deride Sanders supporters for being “bitter” about his supposed loss in the primaries.  Well I am bitter, but not for their lame reason.

First off, it ain’t over yet for Sanders.  Counties are flipping like flapjacks in California, many states have pending primary voter suppression investigations and lawsuits, and Clinton still faces the prospect of imminent indictment.  Sanders is descending upon a contested convention with 47% of the delegates, which to put it in terms most Clintonites can understand, that would be like a manila folder half full with criminal warrants.  Wait.  I mean, a folder half empty with warrants.

Back to the issue at hand, HRC bullies cannot help themselves from gleefully prodding forlorn Sandernistas with the accusation of bitterness.   Apparently we are all just spoiled children grumpy about not getting our lollipop.  We are supposed to toughen…

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