Desultory Heroics

By Andrew Korybko

Source: Sputnik International

Morgan Freeman’s latest publicly stunt permanently stained his legacy after the famous actor decided to join the fake news industry by passing off a blockbuster script as a true story.

Morgan Freeman declared in his latest two-minute video that “We have been attacked. We are at war”, but he’s wrong in saying that Americans have been victimized by Russia, but should have rather told the truth that they’re under attack by their own government. To channel Freeman, “Imagine this movie script”, albeit modified to reflect real-life events instead of conspiratorial ones:

A globalist power cabal made up of the permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (the “deep state”), in conjunction with the Democratic Party, “Cultural Marxist” professors, the Mainstream Media, and Hollywood have attacked American democracy using non-stop infowar operations against their own fellow citizens to spread propaganda and false information aimed at convincing people that the Republican candidate and future President of the United States is really a Russian puppet.


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The Orville – Episode 3 – 09/21/17 – Hulu []

I applaud Seth McFarland for taking the supreme risk of being socially relevant. By the ending, we can assume this part of the Orville’s overall story is not over.

One of the things I’ve liked about this vehicle from its inception, has been the character development.

Anyone who’s been in the military or in an intensive team work environment recognizes how REAL these folks COULD be, barring alien physiology. Everyone has quirks, phobias, private demons, and like us societal boundaries ingrained from birth.

To function to our maximum potential, we must evolve around and above such things, as will the crew of the Orville.

McFarland has already reached that hazy place in the geopolitical universe, that like ocean maps in earlier years were simply marked, “beyond here there be dragons”.

Perhaps as he and the Orville take them on, the rest of us might be inspired to engage our own…and friends, there has NEVER been a more crucial time.

Science and an evolving planetary environment are and will continue to force us to confront the most basic tenets of what makes us what.

We face challenges that will determine whether we will survive, let alone thrive.

That a staple MSM provider like FOX is giving McFarland such an open canvas to work with is a surprise – one I hope they don’t capriciously take away.

Not every PTB entity will be comfortable with the direction the show is going.

I AM, and highly recommend it.

Some commenter decried it for “too much talking – not enough action”.

To them I suggest avoiding such plays as “The Deputy” and “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf”….I’ve seen both and have never forgotten them.

If it stays the course, McFarland, rather than spewing another prime time “send up”, seems charted for a flight through such heady spaces.

R Andrew Ohge aka Rex Dexter 09/22/07 []


By Ric /Rex 09/20/17

After seeing a new Bayer commercial with Mr. Bryan extolling the virtues of Farmers[WELL Deserved] AND Bayer [NOT So Much…], I looked it up stunned by the egregious pandering to Bayer, now the globe’s leading purveyor of GMO “Lease-Seeds” and all the POISON that goes with it.


Bryan had a successful tour in 2016, with another one going on now…not just to sell tickets and records, but to push up the credibility of the heir of the nefarious I.G. Farben, and more recently, Monsanto.

From the Bayer Website []:

Bayer & Luke Bryan Toast #HeresToTheFarmer

1 week ago [09/13/2017

From The Corporate Press Release:

“I come from a farming background so I understand the hard work and passion it takes for farmers to feed America and feed the world,” Bryan said.  “That’s why I’m proud to join my friends at Bayer in thanking farmers for everything they do by saying, ‘Here’s To The Farmer.’ “

Bryan, the son of a peanut farmer from Georgia, launched his annual Farm Tour in 2009 as a way to highlight and celebrate the contributions of America’s farmers.  

Bayer, a world leader in innovation and agriculture, is the title sponsor of the tour for the third consecutive year and will highlight its Here’s To The Farmer campaign which asks fans to share #HeresToTheFarmer online to show their gratitude to America’s farmers.  For every share, Bayer will donate a meal* to someone in need through Feeding America®

“Last year, Bayer and Luke donated 500,000 meals.  With the help of Luke’s fans across the country sharing #HeresToTheFarmer, I know we’ll be able to reach our new goal of donating 1 million meals to fight hunger right here in America,” said Ray Kerins, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Bayer.

Bayer’s Here’s To The Farmer campaign will also help tackle hunger locally by donating more than $10,000 to area food banks, and by honoring a local farmer on stage with Bryan at each location.

“America’s farmers work tremendously hard to give all of us safe, affordable and nutritious food.  What better way to show our appreciation to them than by providing some great country music and raising a glass with Luke Bryan to say, ‘Here’s To The Farmer,’ ” Kerins said. 

To learn more about Bayer’s Here’s To The Farmer campaign visit

ANYONE who knows the damage Glyphosate and Neonicotinoids [the WHO declared Glyphosate ‘likely carcinogenic’, and nation after nation is banning neonicotinoids (, as mounting research is turning Consumers AND Farmers away from Biotech Industrial Products.

It’s a matter of using the ultimate “Let’s ‘Good Old Boys’ Party & Celebrate Farming…(and of course, Bayer/Monsanto) to push back against the resistance to these dangerous products, especially NOW, as RNAi  and “Multi-Stack” Seeds are being deployed. 

Chemical resistance has required many Farmers to use MULTIPLE chemicals for weed control, escalating the level of danger.

Let Mr Bryan KNOW that “shilling for Global Poisoner” is NOT acceptable, “Old Boy Cool, and should NOT be personally profitable. Boycott his shows, records and merchandise until he “gets this”.

If he wishes to continue celebrating the American Farmer, the FarmAid Promoters would welcome him to the cause…Bayer/Monsanto?

NOT SO Much.


Desultory Heroics

Wall Street bought them — and is now leasing them out and driving up rents.

By Jim Hightower


We know that millions of American families lost their homes after Wall Street’s 2007 financial crash. But where did all those houses go?

It turns out that Wall Streeters themselves formed profiteering investment groups that rushed out to scoop up tens of thousands of those foreclosed properties, usually grabbing them on the cheap at courthouse auctions in suburban metro areas that were hard-hit by the crash.

These moneyed syndicates have deep, deep pockets, so they easily outbid local buyers to take possession of the majority of the single-family homes being sold off in many distressed places.

Why are they buying? To turn the homes into rental properties and become the dominant suburban landlord, controlling the local market and constantly jacking up rents.

For example, the Wall Street Journal found that…

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Third Eye Blind

Posted: September 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

New Verse By Ric A Ohge
aka Rex Dexter – Sep 11, 2017

The lights flicker
to silence
gone – blown away
candles headless
before the storm
flames lifting
drifting away
souls flying up
and away in
rapture incognito

Ravens and eagles
flock to the soulless fallen
gathered to feast of
the greatest and the least
waiting the rise of their beast
to gather them in
to peace and safety

Meat and potatoes
bread and circuses
Gautama’s children
on a slay ride

bombs fall noiselessly
through the roiling canopy
waking no one – no surprise
no disguise – not one wise
third eye blind

As the talking heads
wink out coast to coast
a stranger and a wholly ghost
featured speakers at the roast

lift the cup of
before the treason
is forgotten
the glory and power
our man of the hour
speaks our minds
our collectives
canned applause
third eye blind

Ripley Gets A Worthy Heir – And AI/Androids Get Just A Bit More Sinister – On Amazon This Week.

Review By Ric/Rex – Sept 2, 2017

I loved it – some liked it – a few, evidently not really followers of the franchise, panned it.

Some critics faulted the acting, others derided Ridley Scott, but I thought the directing, as well as the players were fine, just unfamiliar, and with not enough back story to flesh them or easily connect them to previous installments, aside from Daniels and Walter/David.

From the first movie on the AI/Androids were all pretty much sinister, even the one in Aliens II turned out to be a “good guy”. This one was the nastiest piece of work to date.

We can but hope Daniels will some how make it to the next installment – which will make it fun to watch, as her character had the resilience, instincts, courage and brass of Ripley in I, II, and III. 

Since she obviously knew they had been duped by the robo-dick, David, we can expect something pretty ass-kicking for her to survive coming out of hyper-sleep. With that and whatever it might take to at least stymie David’s nihilistic plans for his own engineered “Uber Mensch”…WHERE have we heard THAT concept?

Perhaps he should name his first ultimate hybrid Nietzsche?

The tech was good, and there was an understated “editorial” element suggesting the dangers of genetic modification, particularly at the hands of the AI enhanced android, David – That he was fond of Hitler’s favorite composer just added to the calm smiling evil – and creates a plot device for a whole other series.

We can but hope our own AI and Android tech never get put in charge of or infiltrate the design and execution of CRISPR tech, as the outcome might not be so good for the universe.

Overall a good movie, that perhaps like Master Chef contestant’s dish – well done, but in need of a little more seasoning and cooking.

We, who have been along for the ride in the Alien franchise to date will happily add this one in, and wait expectantly for where it goes from here…be sure to check your eggs carefully before making that omelet – it’s no fun to find yourself becoming the breakfast entree.

Watch On Amazon:

A New Narrative Poem By Ric/Rex
Art: “Polyvore” By Karol Bak

Sitting regally, sipping forty year old scotch
Lonestar eyes the roiling piles of storm clouds
in the southeast from her Vegas private penthouse.

Lonestar is a fiction, her real name evolved
over many millenia, this being a persona
for managing her global corporate network,
fronted by carefully vetted humans chosen
from the UK, Wall St, the EU and the holy east.

She seldom receives anyone, but like any general
she instructs, orders, and cajoles – the wise and self-serving comply
with the strategies that let them be “Leaders”, whose strings
wind back through her many boardrooms to her
well-practiced and dexterous fingers – as it should be.

It’s been time for a “Paradigm Shift” for a good while,
but it has taken careful steps to put all “the ducks in place”,
men, technologies, and various legal fictions…instruments
to be played judiciously in a symphony of change.

She always said a full glass cannot be filled without first, being emptied.
Hence, a great culling of living things and useless constructions
was unfolding around a typically clueless planet of sleepers.

New “players” were selected and “waiting in the wings”,
schooled and readied to step into the light as the
bold new visionaries of light, heroes of a new order,
wherein the “glass freshly emptied”, would be filled.

Those remaining, will gladly embrace that “Brave New World”
bestowing upon them prosperity, health and peace – of a kind
as she watches and dictates from her steel and glass high castle.

No, She will never “be a widow”, as she seldom did more
than bed the kings and consorts, and outlived the ones she married,
passing behind her, as the centuries rolled on like a runaway train.
she never sang the blues, and made damn sure she never felt any pain.

She’s still just the same old girl she used to be, has always been
since the twilight she first stepped onto the shores of Sumer,
when the world was shiny and new -and look, she makes it new, again.

“Mother knows best”, she muses, knowing full well the intrigue will continue.
(c) Ric A Ohge aka Rex Dexter