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A New Narrative Poem By Ric/Rex
Art: “Polyvore” By Karol Bak

Sitting regally, sipping forty year old scotch
Lonestar eyes the roiling piles of storm clouds
in the southeast from her Vegas private penthouse.

Lonestar is a fiction, her real name evolved
over many millenia, this being a persona
for managing her global corporate network,
fronted by carefully vetted humans chosen
from the UK, Wall St, the EU and the holy east.

She seldom receives anyone, but like any general
she instructs, orders, and cajoles – the wise and self-serving comply
with the strategies that let them be “Leaders”, whose strings
wind back through her many boardrooms to her
well-practiced and dexterous fingers – as it should be.

It’s been time for a “Paradigm Shift” for a good while,
but it has taken careful steps to put all “the ducks in place”,
men, technologies, and various legal fictions…instruments
to be played judiciously in a symphony of change.

She always said a full glass cannot be filled without first, being emptied.
Hence, a great culling of living things and useless constructions
was unfolding around a typically clueless planet of sleepers.

New “players” were selected and “waiting in the wings”,
schooled and readied to step into the light as the
bold new visionaries of light, heroes of a new order,
wherein the “glass freshly emptied”, would be filled.

Those remaining, will gladly embrace that “Brave New World”
bestowing upon them prosperity, health and peace – of a kind
as she watches and dictates from her steel and glass high castle.

No, She will never “be a widow”, as she seldom did more
than bed the kings and consorts, and outlived the ones she married,
passing behind her, as the centuries rolled on like a runaway train.
she never sang the blues, and made damn sure she never felt any pain.

She’s still just the same old girl she used to be, has always been
since the twilight she first stepped onto the shores of Sumer,
when the world was shiny and new -and look, she makes it new, again.

“Mother knows best”, she muses, knowing full well the intrigue will continue.
(c) Ric A Ohge aka Rex Dexter


Video Link:

A groundbreaking new docu-series called “GMOs Revealed” launches today. You can register to view it at this link. []

The eye-opening documentary series delivers 9 episodes that reveal hard-hitting truths about GMOs, glyphosate, genetic pollution, Monsanto, seed monopolies, crop collapse and many other topics.

This is the “can’t miss” docu-series on GMOs that every person who eats food — which probably includes us all — needs to see.

Pope Condemned GMOs As A Scheme To Serve And To Enrich Multinational Corporations. []


GMOs Revealed was produced by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Beau Pierce and Jeff Hays, a highly accomplished filmmaker who also produced “Bought” and “Doctored.”

Some of the food experts interviewed for the film include David Wolfe, Sayer Ji, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Zen Honeycutt, Vani Hari, Stephanie Seneff, Mark Kastel and over a dozen more.

I was also interviewed for the docu-series — my segment airs this Friday — covering food science, laboratory testing and herbicide chemistry.

You can view all nine episodes for free at this link. []

Watch the trailer to see for yourself how powerful this docu-series really is.

The truth is all coming out about Monsanto’s crimes and the dangers of GMOs

Monsanto, Cancer, & Science: Montana Steve Daines Against Informing Public If Food Chain Contains GMOs []

In case you haven’t seen the explosive, bombshell revelations over the last few weeks from the California court case, Monsanto’s lies are being exposed by the day. []

Not only was Monsanto caught ghostwriting “independent” reviews  []that falsely claimed its poisons were safe; the company also got caught colluding with government regulators to distort the science and hide the fact that its products are killing people by the millions, worldwide. []

At the same time, all the “negative P.R.” operatives who spend millions of dollars smearing clean food advocates like myself, Doctor Oz and the Food Babe have been exposed as being linked to Monsanto. []

Even Monsanto’s criminal front group — the ACSH []— has been exposed as being lead by a criminal felon who takes money to smear food scientists who are blowing the whistle on the dangers of glyphosate and GMOs. []

Monsanto is now being exposed for its fake science and toxic products in the same way that Big Tobacco was eventually exposed.

The truths are coming out, and the more you learn and share these truths, the more quickly we can topple the biotech fraudsters and end their “poisoned food holocaust” that’s murdering millions across the globe.

That’s why this “GMOs Revealed” docu-series is an absolute must-see. It’s not airing on Netflix or Amazon Prime, either.

It’s not available on YouTube.

It’s only available through the GMOs Revealed website.

Episodes begin airing TODAY, and a new episode airs each day.

You can catch my interview this Friday.


Paradise Is Down A Two-Lane Blacktop


Originally Written In 2002 By Ric A Ohge aka Rex Dexter

As we close in on the 2016 American Political Race-this poem rings more true than it did in 2002 when I first wrote it. 

If we aren’t ready to do what needs to be done to get this for ourselves and children, perhaps we deserve to be serfs in the oligarchy we’ll get instead. 

Consider This An Open “Letter” To The Political Campaigns.

The Poem:                                        


First, we were drawn by the land,
enticed by the promise of freedom…                              

fresh faces in new places, where
we built our farms, our stores, mills
smithies, with our own dreams
and our own Hands, paying our way
with the sweat of our brows,
leaving our bones and legacies
as our testimony to those
who would follow.

Then, great factories replaced
the smithies, concrete towers
supplanted the wheel mills, and
we were drawn from the land
to the growing cities for what we

believed were better dreams,
brighter futures,…”the good life.”

The farms we left were swallowed
by corporations, the family
store was neglected by the lure
and flash of the corporate chains.

We were the great middle class,
living a vision, that for most of us,
never truly existed, leaving                    
nothing, but broken dreams
as our legacy.

Times and paradigms pass.
Some of our small towns just died,
some were swallowed by the
circling cities, others are
barely hanging on, yet,
here and there, new pioneers
are returning, bring their
fresh faces to the old places,
rediscovering the old ways and
creating new ones, as America              
finds her roots again.

Hollywood, Broadway, & Prime Time
doesn’t show our true image.

Our story isn’t on CNN or in USA Today.

We’ve journeyed back, off the
Interstate, rebuilding the
Courthouse square, starting farms,
building houses, stores, and families,
infusing our enterprises with

Faith, truth, love, patriotism, and a
determination to not allow our
unique visions or our new freedom
to ever be swallowed by mere
sound-bites, glamour, glitz,
or pulp fiction.

The America and World
we must become is the one
we always knew in our hearts.

We had only to remember that
Paradise is down a
two-lane blacktop,                                            

where the tree of
wisdom waits for all
who prefer revelation
over information.

The super highways
and bypasses, the
jets, planes, buses,
and trains can only take you
by the “American Dream”.

The turn down that two-lane

is a calculated decision
to arrive there, a journey
you take, only if you’re
hungry for a new vision,
if you’re ready to put down
some new roots, and make
your own legacy with
your own hands and the
sweat of your own brow.

If you’ve caught
that pioneer spirit,
then here’s the place
to draw close to the tap
roots of the “American Dream”,
where the juices flow
strong and rich, near the power,
right at the source.

You have truly arrived,
friend, for you’ve
come to a powerful
place to begin anew,
where you can find purpose,
change the landscape, acquire
wisdom and real estate, create
your own legacy, where your
accomplishments and children
earn respect and receive honor,
where your babies and bones
are attended with reverent
tender care by real peacemakers.

Oh yes…if you destroy,
mar, steal, or harm
those and that which
is in their care,
you’ll have a fight
on your hands, the like
you’ll not soon forget.

No, real peacemakers are
the architects, the restorers,
the creators and shapers,the
healers, the comforters and
nurturers, the sowers and
caretakers of paradise.

They are recreating and
shaping their future and
shall be counted blessed.

No need for a plane, bus,
or a train to come.

We’re waiting at the
gates of paradise at the
end of any two-lane blacktop,
beckoning, as Lady Liberty
has for over a century,
“Send us Your tired, your
poor, your down-trodden,
struggling to be free…”

We’ll be waiting.


By R Andrew Ohge aka Rex Dexter

Oxitech Is Paying For It-GM Mosquito Trials To Proceed In Florida:

Published on Mar 28, 2015

Mosquito Control despite strong oppositions from Key Haven is thinking of going forward with the release of GM mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control is expected to finalize a contract with British-based Oxitec at its April 21 meeting to release genetically modified mosquitoes at a test site in Key Haven, just outside of Key West.

The Mosquito Control Board finalized 90 percent of the contract last month.

The final 10 percent is related to trial protocol, chemicals and equipment related to the project.

Oxitec has created a genetically modified male Aedes aegypti mosquito that it says controls populations.

Sterile males are released into the wild and, since females generally mate only once, they wouldn’t produce offspring from the modified males.

There has been no reports of Dengue for a few years now.

Why is Mosquito Control Board so hell bent on releasing these?

Even though the residents heavily opposed this, as the video below showed, the FDA, as expected, allowed the project to move forward.

It’s Important To Note Florida Residents Did NOT Want This Trial To Be Conducted & Petitioned The FDA To Stop It:

Keys residents who oppose Mosquito Control’s release of genetically modified mosquitoes have filed a petition with the Food and Drug Administration demanding further study before any release is permitted.

The petition requests that the Commissioner of Food and Drugs complete a detailed environmental impact statement for the field trial of Oxitec’s genetically modified (GM) Aedes aegypti mosquito in the Florida Keys.

In addition, the document asks that the FDA establish a committee of experts and local residents to review the proposal from Oxitec and also to convene a public meeting in the Florida Keys for the public review of the company’s proposal with the appointed committee members present.

The FDA stated in its 2009 Guidance 187 that certain genetically modified animals would be under the agency’s jurisdiction.

According to Michael Welber, a member of the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition, “this trial would be the first of its kind in the United States and that makes it imperative that the FDA exercise its authority over the release,” he said.

Welber went on to comment that the FDA should “collaborate with all other relevant federal agencies to thoroughly assess the genetically engineered animals’ potential environmental and public health impacts.”

According to the Environmental Coalition there are substantial questions about whether the mosquito will have a significant effect on the human environment.

Oxitec’s own research revealed that 15 percent of its mosquito larvae can survive to adulthood when in the presence of cat food contaminated with tetracycline.

This commonly used antibiotic is also found in sewage and septic tanks, meaning that GM mosquito survival in the environment is very likely.

Residents of Marathon, where the GM mosquitoes would be bred, are very concerned in particular about research done by GeneWatch UK indicating that insect factories such as the one that Mosquito Control proposes could spread antibiotic resistant bacteria or superbugs into the environment, a serious risk to human health.

The petition also argues that aggressive Asian tiger mosquitoes could colonize areas where GM mosquitoes have wiped out local populations, spreading chikungunya and dengue as they go.

An Oxitec Press Release [] outlined how it all would work.


Here’s the thrust of it:

Florida Keys Project

Oxitec and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) are collaborating on a field trial for the OX513A Aedes aegypti mosquito.

For more information you can view our educational flyers here:, and here:

Wild Mosquito Problem

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are a non-native species in the USA.

They are more than just a nuisance as they can spread serious diseases such as dengue fever and chikungunya.

Dengue fever and chikungunya are currently not an active health threat in the Florida Keys including Key West as FKMCD has been working hard to reduce the Aedes aegypti pest.

They are looking for helpful ways to keep mosquito populations down to an acceptable level and the Oxitec technology is a new tool in the fight against mosquitoes.

Technology Benefits

If we use fewer insecticides this will allow more beneficial predators and insects to flourish.

Both the released mosquitoes and their offspring will die – they do not stay in the environment.

This approach targets only the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that can spread disease because the Oxitec males only produce offspring with their own species.

Project Plan

Oxitec and FKMCD are working together to inform the community about the mosquito releases and to answer questions. 

If FDA agrees that releases can proceed following their review, we anticipate starting in 2015. 

Oxitec male mosquitoes would be released up to 3 times a week. 

Project results will be made available to the public.

The Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA-CVM) is working with other agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for federal regulation of this project. 

There will be no releases until the FDA has completed an evaluation.

The FDA will issue public notification when it publishes the draft Environmental Assessment for comment on



So…I wonder why we have cases of Zika popping up in the US from a an experimental species that was supposed to ‘breed itself to death’?

More things that “make you go Hmmmmm…”

NOTE: All This Went On Between 2013 and 2015. THIS Story Just Popped Up Today:

UK Company Creates Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes to Help in Fight Against Zika

JANUARY 30, 2016

IN THE space of a few weeks, health authorities around the world have mobilised to fight what could possibly be the biggest global health threat since the emergence of Ebola.

While the Zika virus does not directly kill, the links brain deformities in newborn babies has led US President Barack Obama to call for urgent action, and the leaders of several South American countries to warn women against falling pregnant until a solution is found.

The Australian Olympic Committee has also advised pregnant team members to reconsider going to this year’s Rio Games because of the potential risk, and our own government has issued travel warnings for the regions where the virus is found.

While experts are already working on developing a vaccine it could be years before it is ready.
However there might be another solution, one that is a little left of field — mutant mosquitoes.
A UK company set up by scientists from Oxford University have developed a genetically-modified mosquito whose offspring die.

Oxitec has genetically engineered a line of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the mosquito that carries dengue fever and chikungunya as well as Zika.

The male mosquitoes are altered to require a dietary supplement that can’t be found in nature and subsequently die. 

When they mate with a female it passes on this defective gene.

Trials on the Aedes mosquito have already been carried out in Brazil as part of a program to combat dengue fever which have proved successful.

In Eldorado, Sao Paulo, where the GM mosquitoes were released, the number of dengue cases dropped from 133 to just one in a year, Spectator reported.


Whether these mutant mosquitoes will be used in the fight against this new threat remains to be seen.

Oxitec is already awaiting the US Food and Drug Administration approval to conduct trials in the Florida Keys following an outbreak of dengue fever in Key West several years ago. [There Was NO Such Outbreak, As Pointed To In The Articles And Videos Above]

When news of the plan broke, critics labelled the insects as killer Frankenstein mosquitoes, arguing tampering with nature could cause unknown side effects.


On its website, Oxitec says even if someone was bitten by a modified Aedes aegypti mosquito, no genetically modified DNA would enter the bloodstream.

“Using advanced genetics Oxitec breeds and releases ‘sterile’ males of the damage-causing species,” the site says. 

“This highly targeted form of biological control is safe to other species, causes no lasting impact on the environment and is cost-effective.

“Our studies show that the proteins we’ve introduced would not be harmful to humans: 

We have commissioned research with sophisticated computer programs (known as bioinformatics research), to see if the new proteins have any similarities to known allergens or toxins which could be harmful.

“We found no similarity to any substance which could present a risk of allergy or toxicity, so we’re confident that the new proteins would not be harmful to people.”


For years the Zika virus was considered relatively harmless, only causing flu-like symptoms in sufferers.

But a recent spate of babies being born with microcephaly in Brazil in areas where the virus has recently appeared has sparked fears that unless this problem is defeated, affected countries could be left with a major health crisis for years to come.

Microcephaly causes the underdevelopment of the brain in unborn babies. Once a foetus develops the condition it cannot be reversed.

Those born with it will suffer a lifetime of developmental difficulties, some will even die.

While experts have yet to confirm if the Zika virus does directly cause microcephaly, the cluster of more than 3800 babies being born with it in Brazil since October was enough for authorities to take notice.

Around 160 were born with microcephaly the year before.

Just this week, the World Health Organisation said it believes the Zika virus will spread throughout the Americas prompting a response from the White House “to accelerate research efforts to make available better diagnostic tests, to develop vaccines and therapeutics”.

So far, the Zika virus has been found in 22 other countries in recent months.

There have also been reported cases in Australia but it is believed the last case was in 2014, Fairfax reported.


President Obama was understood to have been briefed on the potential spread of the virus by senior officials on Tuesday, with one recent study suggesting that the virus could affect areas where 60 per cent of the US population lives, the BBC reported.

Professor Scott Weaver, director of the Institute for Human Infections and Immunity, told the BBC people should be frightened by the virus.

“It’s certainly a very significant risk,” he said, “and if infection of the foetus does occur and microcephaly develops we have no ability to alter the outcome of that very bad disease which is sometimes fatal or leaves children mentally incapacitated for the remainder of their life”.


Scientists in the US are working with authorities in Brazil to develop a vaccine that will cure and protect against the virus.*

And while they believe it could be ready within two years, it could take up to a decade before it can be widely distributed because of the lengthy approval process it needs to go through in the US.

The Brazilian government has also been frantically spraying affected regions, deploying more than 200,000 soldiers to help in the fight.

But more than 1.5 million people in the country have already been affected and there are widespread concerns it will affect even more.

This is worrying for Brazil which will not only host the Olympics this year but its annual Carnival.

This has prompted United Airlines to offer customers concerned about contracting the virus to postpone or cancel their trips to not just Brazil but any country affected by Zika.

American Airlines also began to issuing refunds to pregnant passengers holding tickets to El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Guatemala.

Behind ALL Of This We Find Bill Gates-You Know-Hillary’s Good Friend And Supporter:

BIOWEAPON! Zika Virus Is Being Spread by GMO Mosquitoes Funded by Gates!

Recent Video:

Published on Jan 27, 2016


The Zika virus, which has been detected in 18 of the 26 states in Brazil, is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

A generically modified version has been developed by a British biotech company called Oxitec.

The results of a trial in Brazil published this summer involved genetically engineered mosquitoes that allegedly fight the spread of dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, and zika virus.

But scientists have warned the study had too few controls in place to ensure that the mosquitoes released into the wild did not end up spreading dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, and zika virus.

In short, these genetically modified mosquitoes could be the cause of the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil and other parts of South and Central America.

“If these mosquitoes are completely safe, then why the hush-hush?” says Gurmit Singh, chair of the Centre for Environment, Technology and Development in Malaysia, another country slated for an Oxitec field trial.

Oxford Insect Technologies, a British biotech company, has developed the insect with funds from the Bill and Gates foundation. 

It conducted the first outdoor trials with transgenic Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman in autumn 2009.

MORE Resources:

Analysis By R Andrew Ohge aka Rex Dexter – Jan 26, 2016

Watch: – FOX TV – Produced By Chris Carter
Starring David Duchovny – Gillian Anderson – Mitch Pileggi As Skinner

When a scientist suddenly commits suicide, Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate what unseen force may have driven him to it. What they uncover is a laboratory where extreme genetic experimentation has been going on for decades, breeding subjects who possess unexpected and dangerous powers – and who harbor deep resentments.

Ric/Rex Picks Up:
We have a Doctor-who on one hand professes to be searching for a genetic solution to childhood genetic diseases-but on the other hand may be working for DARPA [A BUNCH of REAL FUN GUYS that show up as regular players in any number of Conspiracy Blogs…]to CREATE Mutations for a variety of Top Secret applications.
The DARPA operatives pop in a couple of times to snatch files and data Scully and Mulder just dug up, allowing dialogue that even drops Snowden’s name as an example of what can happen if DARPA gets outed for anything. Interestingly, this is at a [Nominally Catholic] Church Hospital/Orphanage where Scully has spent years fixing earless children [it seems there are also much worse mutations there] AND where the DARPA Doctor works. 

Oddly, Dr Sculley and “The Founder” seem oblivious to each other, but hints abound that this all has something to do with the issues surrounding Scully and Mulder’s son, William.

Hmmmm…DARPA and Genetic Engineering, while most certainly possible, we ARE missing the obvious connection with the money and huge labs-the Biotech Industry: Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, etc. Interestingly, recent Press Releases are suggesting GE Humanity is on the horizon:

First Genetically Modified Humans Could Exist Within Two Years

Biotech company Editas Medicine is planning to start human trials to genetically edit genes and reverse blindness.

Humans who have had their DNA genetically modified could exist within two years after a private biotech company announced plans to start the first trials into a ground-breaking new technique.

Editas Medicine, which is based in the US, said it plans to become the first lab in the world to ‘genetically edit’ the DNA of patients suffering from a genetic condition – in this case the blinding disorder ‘leber congenital amaurosis’.

The disorder prevents normal function of the retina; the light-sensitive layer of cells at the back of the eye. It appears at birth or in the first months of life and eventually sufferers can go completely blind.


If you wish to immerse yourself in this topic at a scholarly level, Google can get you started here:

GE Insects are already among us[and who knows to what end]as this recent posting of mine details:

Quick Alert On Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes – Posted Jan 19, 2016, which closes by saying: 

Needless to say, without extensive lab testing, there is no way to tell what these GE mosquitoes are actually harboring, in addition to what researchers claim. 

That’s a major red flag.

And finally, wherever these GE mosquitoes have been introduced, or are about to be introduced, the human populations have not been consulted for their permission.

It’s all being done by government and corporate edict.

It’s human experimentation on a grand scale.

Also, Pigs are being Genetically Modified/Engineered:

Genetically Modified Pigs for Medicine and Agriculture:

China Is Genetically Engineering Mini Pigs To Sell As Pets:


BGI, a genomics institute located in Shenzhen, announced in late September that it is genetically engineering miniature pigs to sell as pets for $1,600 each.

The institute creates the micropigs by using a gene-editing technique that alters the genomes of a Bama — an already small breed of pig — to make it even smaller. BGI uses TALENs (an enzyme) to disable one of two copies of the growth hormone receptor gene in a Bama’s fetal cells. 


BGI then clones pigs from the fetus…

“Obviously, this has to be regulated,” Yusuff Abdu, a researcher at New York University’s School of Medicine, told 

“You can’t let lab-engineered animals out into the public. 

There is a high chance they could get into the wild and offset an ecosystem if they happen to have an advantageous trait. 

Lab rats and mice are kept out of pet stores for this reason.”  

So, the X-Files Saga rolls on-and IF “The Truth Is STILL Out There”…

It just might be stranger than fiction.

David Duchovny – Gillian Anderson – Mitch Pileggi As Skinner

Guest Star: Joel McHale As Ted O’Malley

First Of Six Planned & Produced By Chris Carter For Fox Television

Watch On Hulu:

By R Andrew Ohge aka Rex Dexter

Forget everything revealed by all the original episodes-if there’s a conspiracy that involves anything alien, it’s being used by an ever greedy ‘Military Industrial Complex’ to cull, suppress and enslave us with the complicit cooperation of the Government[s].

Knowing that Fox is overseen by Pissant Oligarch, Rupert Murdoch, I see this all going some unsurprising directions.

Since , even in this widely scattered opener, we are exposed to many of the NWO and False-Flag Freedom Exchanged For Security’ theories most of us have been posting for many of the years since the original series went off the air in 2002.

It’s important to note the Fan-base has been strengthening since then. Fox is responding with this six episode miniseries[at least only six so far].


If Sculley and Mulder via Chris Carter and staff really DO start uncovering FACTS, I don’t see the series living beyond six-if it even makes it there. 

If Murdoch wouldn’t allow the NFC Championship online when it was locally broadcast for free-over money and control issues, allowing X-Files such free reign would literally cutting off his own nose to spite his face.


Murdoch intends to use the X-Files to “immunize” the audience from much of what the Alternative Web espouses, reveals and discloses-making the “Captive Audience” familiar with the data, faces and nomenclature, but in a way that leans toward subtly derisive and denigrating in its presentation.

One can note the rise of Pro-Law Enforcement programming like the CSI Series, Blue Bloods, Quantico, Criminal Minds, etc to see this at work in a nation that experienced thousands of unjustified murders by cops and supporting the highest concentration per capita of prisoners in the world.


This will be Rupert Murdoch’s “Come-To-Jesus” moment-where he lays aside all of his Oligarch ways and leads all toward the light of a brighter better planet.

And I have a bridge in NYC for sale.

Watch the show, enjoy seeing Sculley and Mulder doing their thing again, but weigh the story lines with a grain of Organic Sea Salt.

By R Andrew Ohge aka Rex Dexter | Jan 24, 2016

I just finished watching the AFC Championship Game, Patriots VS Broncos. The Broncos took it by 2 points in a game that was heavily defensive in play. Every yard was a battle, and neither Quarterback had an easy day.

After that, I naturally wanted to see the NFC Championship.

That was not to be.

It seems Rupert Murdoch was holding it hostage.

To watch it required you be a CABLE JUNKIE-signed, sealed and delivered with your Cable Log-In Data to watch…OF COURSE, if you have ponied up for the ever more worthless Cable and Bundling “Deals” these pissants offer, you don’t need to watch online in the first place.

Which is the point.

If you get trapped into one of these rip-off bundles, you’re GOING to watch the Cable offerings just to get SOME value out of the $100 plus per month they cost-and that’s the conservative side.

Doing so reduces the time and exposure to all the growing ALTERNATIVE NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, MUSIC and MORE burgeoning on the World Wide Web…which, again-is the point.

THEY MAINTAIN CONTROL of ALL you see and hear-it’s why the western world is so out of touch with what REALLY goes on in the world.



What Is The Reach of Rupert Murdoch?

Rupert Murdoch’s company, News Corp, generated $33 billion in revenues, which is more than TimeWarner, Viacom or CBS. 

Only GE and Disney generate more revenues, and GE has a subtantial amount of non-media operations. 

Given the wide range of assets within the control Rupert Murdoch, you have to wonder when the GOP refers to the liberal media, what exactly are they referring to?



Fox, MyNetworkTV. In the United States, News Corp. owns 27 television stations.

Cable: Fox Business Channel, Fox Movie Channel, Fox News Channel, Fox College Sports, Fox Regional Sports Networks (16 owned and operated), Fox Sports En Espanol, Fox Sports Net, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Reality, Premier Media Group (Australia 50%), Premium Movie Partnership (Australia 20%), Cine Canal (Latin America 23%), Telecine (Latin America 13%), FUEL TV, FX, FX HD, National Geographic Channel (US 67% and Worldwide 52%), National Geographic Channel HD, SPEED Channel, SPEED HD, Big Ten Network & Big Ten Network HD (49%), Premier Media Group (Australia 50%).

Production and Distribution Companies: Fox Television Studios, Fox Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, 20th Television, Regency Television (50%).

Satellite Television: 

Fox International owns 120 channels around the world.


SKY Italia includes Sky Sport, Sky Calcio, Sky Cinema, Sky TG 24, Premiere AG (25%). British Sky Broadcasting (39%) includes Sky News, Sky Sports, Sky Travel, Sky One, Sky Movies, Artsworld. News Corp. also owns Balkan News Corporation.

Latin America:

LAPTV (33%), Telecine (13%).


STAR Channels, Space TV (India DBS 20%), Phoenix Satellite Television (18%), Hathway Cable and Datacom (22%), China Network Systems (17 affiliated cable systems), Vijay, Xing Kong Channel , ESPN Star Sports (50%), ANTV (20%), TATA Sky (20%).

Australia & New Zealand: 

Sky Network Television Limited (44%), FOXTEL (25%).


Fox Sports, Special Report with Brit Hume, Fox Report with Shepard Smith, On the Record With Greta Van Susteren, Fox News Sunday, The O’Reilly Factor, Fox Pan American Sports (38%).


Magazines: Barron’s, SmartMoney (50%), Big League, InsideOut, donna hay, News America Marketing (In-Store, FSI (SmartSource), SmartSource iGroup, News Marketing Canada), Alpha, The Weekly Standard, The Weekend Australian Magazine, sundaymagazine, body + soul, STM (WA), home, TVGuide, News Magazine (Australia).


Australia/Asia: More than 150 titles including: The Wall Street Journal Asia, the Fiji Times, Daily Telegraph, Nai Lalakai, Shanti Dut, Gold Coast Bulletin, Herald Sun, Newsphotos, Newspix, Newstext, NT News, Papua New Guinea Post-Courier (63%), Sunday Herald Sun, Sunday Mail, Sunday Tasmanian, Sunday Times, Sunday Territorian, The Advertiser, The Australian, The Courier-Mail, The Mercury, News Limited, The Sunday Mail, The Sunday Telegraph, Weekly Times, The Weekend Australian, MX, Brisbane News, Northern Territory News, Cumberland (NSW), Leader (VIC), Quest (QLD), Messenger (SA), Community (WA), Darwin Sun/Palmerson Sun (NT).

United Kingdom: News of the World, The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Times, News International.

United States: Newspaper holdings include the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, MarketWatch and Dow Jones Newswire; News Corp. also acquired the Ottoway group of community newspapers through its takeover of Dow Jones in 2007.


HarperCollins Publishers.


Production and Distribution: Fox Film Entertainment: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, Fox 2000 Pictures, 20th Century Fox Espanol, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Licensing and Merchandising, 20th Century Fox International, Fox Atomic, Blue Sky Studios, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox Music, Fox Studios Australia, Fox Studios Baja (Latin America), Canal Fox (Latin America), Balaji Telefilms (26%, Asia), 20th Century Fox Animation.


Fox Interactive Media manages Fox’s online holdings, which include, (a college sports site), (Internet gaming), Simply Hired (an online job search site),, Fox,, Intermix,,,,,,,,, RottenTomatoes,,,,, (45%), (51%),,,,,,,,,,

News Corp. also owns News Digital Media (a group of Australian Web sites). Mobile Web sites include Fox Business and Fox News. Fox is also now offering a mobile entertainment package called Mobizzo on Cingular and T-Mobile phones.


Outdoor advertising: News Outdoor.

Sports: National Rugby League.

Europe: NDS (72%), News Outdoor Group.

Misc.: Fox Sports Enterprises, National Advertising Partners, Media Support Services Limited (Russia), STATS LLC (50%).


The lists above are a few years old, so NEWSCORP & FOX continue to grow…in profits and control mechanisms.
CBS has “seen the light” streaming the AFC Championship Game, as well as the divisions leading up to it. 

They WILL be streaming Superbowl 50 on the link above. 

They GET IT. 

We’re tired of being held hostage by an outdated oligarchical system which IS the CABLE-LANDLINE-INTERNET Bundlers-or perhaps BUNGLERS is more appropriate, as that’s the most generous thing one can say about Murdoch and FOX’S Stance on LOCKING DOWN the NFC Championship.

The winners will be announced later-no doubt.